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    Pyrewood Estate: "The Watch"


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    Pyrewood Estate: "The Watch"

    Post  Rees on Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:37 pm

    Lead By: Lord Rees
    Location: Pyrewood Estate in Silverpine Forest
    Group: "The Watch"

    "The Watch" is a group of elite agents lead by sabotage. Aiming to be friendly with either enemy guilds, and other guilds.. only to gain information wanted. If the diplomacy of The Watch does not turn out as wished, The watch is known to resort to violence at times. Instead of a basic military "Go in, Go out" they rather try to solve any problems with words. An attempt at being a bit more Diplomatic for the eternal, even though "The Watch" may be the most dangerous tool the Eternal has.

    Speak to Lord Rees in game to join. Must be approved by Rees to join.
    Classes Allowed: All.
    Only allowing five members to join. Five are in. Myself -Lord Rees- Aeagor Sinclair Illiyara and Volstok!

    Must have a tabard of the shattered sun[center]

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