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    "Papa" Raajiht


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    "Papa" Raajiht

    Post  Shryke on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:01 am

    Name: Raajiht.

    Age: Old enough to have seen Shattrath fall.

    Race: Draenei.

    Occupation: Wandering warrior-for-hire, though formally a Vindicator.

    Lil' bit o' background/personality: Raajiht grew up normally as many draenei did back in his day. Once he became older, he decided to take up combat, and so decided to join the Vindicators. For years he trained and honed his skills, until the fateful day that the orcs attacks Shattrath. He fought only briefly during the battle, though, as he was called to retreat with the number of draenei whom were to escape the slaughter. Time passed and the draenei race slowly dwindled in power, and eventually Raajiht left to further hone his combat abilities and travel from battle to battle, war to war.
    Raajiht's combat prowess and unshakable courage gained him many command positions throughout his career, all of which were a success. Once a battle was over though, he would turn in his command rank, heading off to search for another battle in need of his militaristic skill.

    Due to his personality and fatherly way of acting, men under Raajiht's command often would refer to him affectionately as "Papa Raajiht" or "Papa Raaj". He welcomed such titles, as he felt it allowed him and the men under his command to feel more comfortable with each other, therefore creating a stronger fighting force.
    Also despite his huge size, Raajiht is quite gentle in nature, sometimes being called "The friendly giant". He has the utmost respect for honour and courage, as well as tactical creativity and imagination.

    Because of the countless conflicts Raajiht has participated in, he has acquired very elaborate and incredible armour, all of which has been lavished with numerous enchantments as gifts from those whom have felt in his debt. The hammer he wields he picked up from a random fallen Vindicator who he watched die, during the siege of Shattrath. The Vindicator was said to have lept in front of a draenei woman and her child, defending them from a group of orcs. Raajiht states that this is why he uses a seemingly random strangers weapon: " I was so touched and deeply affected by the act, that I decided to honour the fallen Vindicator forever by wielding his hammer, in the hopes that I to will gain the strength and courage that he possessed." This weapon, like his armour, has been enchanted to keep it in peak condition.
    Raajiht has a small amount of magical abilities due to formally being a Vindicator himself, though over the years he has forgotten how to utilize them perfectly.

    Raajiht has now found a new army to join, in the ranks of The Eternal, hoping to lend his combat experience and command prowess to all.

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