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    Remnants of the Ages: "Warriors of Old"


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    Remnants of the Ages: "Warriors of Old"

    Post  Shryke on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:27 pm

    Alrighty, group idea time.

    So basically, "Warriors of Old" is a group that will consist of a very small, select group of elite warriors who, based upon their backstory, will make up a specialized militaristic sect within The Eternal. Unlike other groups within The Eternal, the Warriors of Old will focus largely on their melee combat skills, while using magic to enhance their abilities, more so then for direct attacks.
    "Warriors of Old" is for the 'ol' geezer' characters (not really Razz) who have been around for a while IC, and specialize in melee combat. Which, unless you can find a way to make it work, means...

    No casters. Sorry guys.

    Also, due to characters coming from all walks of life throughout their career, there is no required tabard. You can wear what ever tabard fits your character's backstory.

    Anyways, if you feel at all interested, whisper Raajiht or Volstok/Gatoh/Wallace in game if you feel interested in joining, or ask here.


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