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    The Eternal, The Spear and The Shield.


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    The Eternal, The Spear and The Shield.

    Post  Sinclair on Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:12 am

    The Eternal, The Spear and The Shield.

    "The second group of warriors will be those lead by Sinclair, who will engage Aro'l's army of demons directly and halt their advance farther into the world. Already the horns of war have been sounded and Sinclair is gathering the army of the Eternal to meet the threat of Aro'l"
    - The Dark Lord, Nixxiom.

    The Spear and The Shield, two different symbols representing both offense and defense. This is what it is all about, it's sole purpose is to hault the demonic onslaught which is being caused when Aro'l unleashes demons from the Shard of Aro'l to reach further into the world. It will be focusing on taking out key elements within the cruel demons army, working from the lower pieces to the second in command, by doing this we will probably hault Aro'l in any way, even the smallest progress will be measured in lifes, of comrades and strangers alike.

    The more concrete goal will be to sabotage and stop any kind of conquest on the opposing side, whilst the Warden's and the Dark Lord himself works to find a way to stop Aro'l himself, we will be the ones taking the more current matters at hand. It will be a bloody and dangerous campaign, a war waged against an enemy who's cruelness and pure evil cannot be measured. But we will prevail and become Eternal...


    The Spear and The Shield will be working as the army of The Eternal, it will be lead by Sinclair to work as both the Offense and Defense against Aro'l, sabotaging his operations and taking out vital members of the army. But also fighting the great bulk of the demonic forces. People from different Estates can join in for the campaign, seeing as this gathering of forces will last only as long as the battle will last, either with the army victorious or decimated. It will be going tandem with the storyline of the people trying to stop Aro'l directly (The Warden's).


    "We are the last frontier against the evil unleashed, we are Eternal!"
    - Sinclair.


    (Please take note that this will be done during European times seeing as I am in the CET (+1 GMT) timezone. This group will probably be populated mostly by Europeans and is mainly intented to boost the low In Character activity I have noticed during regular European evenings. European people within the guild with the right timezones without any current estate will be enlisted instantly. People from different timezones are more than welcome aslong as you can actually turn up on our events! I will personally be working to simulate a two sided war and attempt to create the most enjoyable storylines/events during The Wrath of Aro'l event storyline. Any positive criticism is welcome and I will gladly listen to any ideas/questions.)

    Progress and current members will be displayed and added as the campaign continues.

    --Current Members--

    Sinclair, Commander.

    --Progress Report--

    A high-ranked member of Aro'l's army has been killed.
    Scouting for more activity, trying to find a weakspot to hit which will hinder the demonic onslaught further.

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