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    The Lore Behind the Eternal


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    The Lore Behind the Eternal

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    It all began in the frozen land of Icecrown when one individual within a guild known as the Remnant stood up to face the Lich King with an army of his own. An army of undead.

    -A year later-

    Many months ago it was obvious that we losing the war in the Frozen North of Northrend. Despite the efforts of our armies the Lich King still was pushing us back, causing widespread chaos and panic to ensue all across Azeroth. Some individuals even fled to Outland to escape the hostilities. One person however, did not flee to Outland and instead rose to meet the threat of the Scourge head on once more.
    In Azshara a large block of ice sat quietly within a cave near the shore. For months it had sat quietly, holding a form within that was forgotten to most in the world. One morning however when mist blanketed the beach, the ice block cracked open and the being within stretched out his gloved hand into the morning air.

    The one known as Nixxiom returned to ensure that the armies of the Horde and the Alliance were going to be able to push the Scourge back into Icecrown. He came with a mission to form a more organized fighting force that could combat the Scourge. With this goal in mind Nixxiom traveled to the beaches of Darkshore where he connected once more with a group known as the Last Dawn.
    What he saw disturbed Nixxiom greatly. The Last Dawn was one of the most influential and powerful guilds located on Azeroth, yet they were doing nothing to help the war effort in Northrend. Instead they spoke of fighting to secure an alliance between the Alliance and Horde but Nixxiom saw no such acts ever attempted. Although Nixxiom was a Death Knight he still held the warriors in the North in high respect due to their sacrifices.

    He knew that many of these warriors would never be remembered for their service against the Lich King and because of that Nixxiom founded a small group called: The Remnant of Shadows. The Remnant stood for the last people that remained on Azeroth that still had that fighting spirit left within them. A spirit of brotherhood, of compassion, and of strength. However, these morals overtime faded into darkness thus the term "Shadows" was placed after the Remnant.
    With this new group formed Nixxiom began to recruit members under the Remnant's name. As time waged on few joined the new cause but ever persistent, Nixxiom continued recruiting until finally the Remnant had a decent population that was hidden away in Desolace. However, this wasn't enough for the 'Dark Lord' as he began to call himself due to his shadowy nature.

    Instead Nixxiom decided that if he was going to fight the Lich King again, he had to show the world that the spirit of honor was still alive somewhere and that the Last Dawn wasn't the only option for a guild of acceptance. Nixxiom employed undercover spies that infiltrated the Dawn and began to plant seeds in their members of joining the Remnant and helping the war effort.
    In Nixxiom's eyes he was doing the armies in the North a favor. In time he soon saw that the Remnant's population had doubled. Few members had come from the Dawn, but the ones that didn't proved to be the most trustworthy. Men and women from all across the continents began to flock to the Remnant to enlist in service and soon training began where Nixxiom and his officers began to train the Remnant's members in combat, teamwork, and maturity.

    Proud of his accomplishment Nixxiom created a Dark Council that helped him run the guild during the times he was inactive. The Dark Council acted as Nixxiom's fist within the Remnant during its life cycle and were an ever present force in every members lives.
    Before long the Remnant became the most powerful guild in Azeroth. Although they still were a few members behind in membership compared to the Dawn, Nixxiom had succeeded in creating a guild that was mature, well organized, and so well laid out that Dawn activity dropped dramatically while the Remnant flourished in the frozen north.

    For a time this is how things were. The Remnant grew in power daily while training its soldiers to fight in battle along with working together. This however had to change in Nixxiom's eyes. The Remnant's base location was located high in the mountains of the Storm Peaks at the time and during his stay in the mountains Nixxiom watched as the Iron lords waged war against the Alliance armies of the area.
    Although Ulduar had fallen, the war continued throughout the mountains. This became a war Nixxiom vowed to put an end to. One cold morning Nixxiom rose before the Remnant and declared war against the Iron Lords and the Scourge in the Storm Peaks.

    The war was a bloody campaign that lasted for two months. The cold was almost unbearable at times but the Remnant's soldiers fought through the war with persistence despite the conditions. Finally though, victory was claimed by the Remnant in the Storm Peaks. It had been a cold war that had cost the Remnant many lives, but the heroes that fell in the battles of the war were remembered and honored by the members of the Remnant so that their names would live on in Eternity.
    Shortly after, the Remnant began to rebuild their forces in their newly acquired home in the Storm Peaks. As their army once again grew, so to did their morale. Eventually word came to Nixxiom's ears from the Argent Vanguard the the Argent Crusade was asking for assistance in Icecrown itself.
    Eager for a chance at the Lich King Nixxiom sent search parties into Icecrown where a plot was discovered to dismantle the Remnant from the inside out. Acting quickly, Nixxiom and a large group of the Remnant hunted down the Scourge leaders that were in charge of this operation and prevented the Remnant from being overrun by the Scourge at some point in the future.
    Afterwords Nixxiom declared an all out assault on Icecrown along with the assistance of the Argent Crusade. Together the two faction pushed the Scourge back to their 2nd gate before the two armies were flanked on both sides and forced to retreat. The Argent Crusade lost many, but the Remnant had lost so much more it was staggering to Nixxiom when he heard the news. Almost three quarters of the Remnant was now dead in Icecrown being risen as Scourge.

    The remaining members of the Remnant however fought and secured Zeramas in Zul'Drak. It was a small victory but the damage was done and the campaigns in Northrend had to be stopped. Nixxiom ordered a cease fire in all military operations in the Remnant, but the damage was done. Because of the heavy losses at Icecrown the guild began to fall apart. Major leaders had been killed, leaving the guild disorganized and undone. In a months time most of the Remnant was now either dead or scattered across Azeroth, leaving Nixxiom alone with only a handful of members. Silently, Nixxiom slipped back into the shadows and planned his next move.

    A month later the Remnant was dead. Nixxiom and a small amount still remained that formed a faction called the Unending Conquest. The Conquest was nothing more then a fall back for the remaining members of the Remnant, but all to soon the Conquest faded as well due to Nixxiom's absence as he gathered magic across Azeroth for a specific ritual.

    It has been five months now since the fall of the Remnant and Nixxiom, the Dark Lord, has returned to bring the Remnant back to life. Well... Its morals at least. Even if the Remnant were to die its legend would live on, Nixxiom had said. And he intended to make that promise a reality. The Eternal was born. Short for the Eternal Flame. The flame of heroes that could never be snuffed out. A flame that shines brightly in anyone willing to put themselves on the line for what they love.

    For a period of time The Eternal had no progression whatsoever. Most of the world was quiet, leaving the Eternal with few members. As the guild became more established, the Dark Lord knew that his system for the guild wouldn't work with its current member count. His inspiration had faded, leaving the Eternal in a period of darkness and no activity. As time rolled on members began to leave, until the death of the Eternal was imminent.
    However, there was one that had not given up on the Eternal or Nixxiom. Rees, a member who had originally been in the Remnant of Shadows began to recruit and train new members of the Eternal just as the Remnant had done in the past. Nixxiom at first viewed this as a waste of time seeing as how the guild was dying, but soon found members flocking to the Eternal in droves. He was shocked at the sudden turn of events and his inspiration returned to lead the Eternal.

    As time progressed Nixxiom and Rees both were able to pull the guild back together and reform its structure until the Eternal was 100% alive once more and active. The hardships against the Eternal did not cease however. The guild was focused in Westguarde in Howling Fjord when Nixxiom discovered the outside forces were trying to kill off the Eternal's members. After some investigation with Gigzara, Nixxiom discovered that the Scourge were posioning the water in Howling Fjord in order to kill off the surrounding establishments.
    With the aid of a small group of soldiers, Nixxiom and Gigzara attacked the Scourge stronghold in Howling Fjord and stopped the pollution of the water supplies in the area. However, the damage was done and the taint was not so easily removed. As time dragged on the lingering pollutants began to spread, causing a widespread plague in the Alliance and Vrykrul bases in Howling Fjord. With the Horde also battering Westguarde on a daily basis, Nixxiom decided that it was time to move the Eternal elsewhere. Somewhere where the guild could grow slowly in silence.
    The Dark Lord chose Outland considering how most had left the area due to the wars end there a year ago. Nixxiom and the Eternal heading to the Dark Portal on a cold morning and throughout the day, they traveled to Blades Edge mountains where the town of Sylvanaar rested. Once there, Nixxiom established Sylvanaar as the Eternal's new HQ. The threats around them were great, yes. But at least the Eternal didn't have to worry about being killed through disease.
    Just as the guild began to get established in their new mountainous home, a message reached Nixxiom's ears that the Argent Crusade was calling for reinforcements for a last charge against Icecrown Citadel. They needed assistance breaking through Icecrown Glacier so the rest of their army could push into the citadel itself. This same charge was what brought an end to the Remnant of Shadows, but Nixxiom was willing to try his luck with the Eternal and assault Icecrown with his army.

    Nixxiom and the Eternal's military left Outland through a mage portal and returned to the frozen north where the Argent Crusade awaited them. And on that cold night, Nixxiom lead the army of the Eternal through Icecrown Glacier itself. The Eternal were able to push the undead all the way back to the Citadel before Nixxiom heard what had just occurred. Arthas, the Lich King. Had fallen.

    The war in Northrend was over. Leaving Nixxiom with an emptiness inside surprisingly. The war had been all that he was and now it had all ended. Nixxiom gathered up what remained of the Eternal's military and they departed for Sylvanaar again in Blades Edge to deal with the rising Horde threat in the area.
    The Wrath of the Lich King had ended. But the Eternal now faced new threats that threatened their existence. Threats that Nixxiom and the Dark Council vowed to silence. Nixxiom has just returned to Sylvanaar to see that it has been under recent attack from the Horde. With war still pumping in his veins, Nixxiom has begun to weave a new web of plans for the Eternal's future in Blades Edge Mountains.

    However, once in Blades edge mountains Nixxiom saw that the guild and the mountains residents of Sylvanaar had fallen under siege from local Horde troops. Having just returned from the final push in Icecrown, Nixxiom and his soldiers were in no position to fight another battle just yet. They were forced to retreat out of Outland altogether before coming to a temporary alliance with the Duskborne Harbingers to use their base as residence in Darkshore. During this time the Duskborne and the Eternal united to push back local Horde troops that had followed the Eternal into Azeroth.
    With the Horde pushed back, the Eternal went back to living peacefully with the Duskborne until it was decided that the Eternal had to go and find their own home to reside in. Knowing the threat of the Horde was still close, Nixxiom and the Eternal traveled just south into Ashenvale and came to reside in Astranaar. During this time though, Nixxiom began to feel himself becoming weaker. He had returned to life, but with this life had come a price.
    Nixxiom has always carried the Shard of Aro'l, a demonic stone that contains an entire army of the Burning Legion that he imprisoned years ago. During his undeath, the corruption of the stone could not affect him due to his already present taint, but now in his weakened living form, Nixxiom was open to the demons twisted whispers. His thoughts became dark and twisted, causing him to lose ties with many around him as he lashed out in sudden anger for no apparent reason.

    Only a few days after arriving in Astranaar Nixxiom wandered into the forests of Ashenvale, causing Rees to take up the mantle of Dark Lord for the time being. Nixxiom was not heard from for an entire week until something odd began to occur. Warlocks began to flock to Ashenvale due to a rise in demonic energy in the land. Dead bodies of the Eternal's members were also being found out in the woods with their skin litterally torn off. The most prominent of these dead members was Falamor. The high general and an original founder for the Eternal.
    Bodies began to be found for days until Rees ordered a Quarantine. No members of the Eternal were allowed out into the forests of Ashenvale alone. Everyone had to stay within Astranaar's boarders. However, as soon as this rule was made demons began to assault Astranaar from all sides, leaving the Eternal in a desperate state for two days. At the end of this period though, someone stepped out from the demonic army. This person was Nixxiom himself.
    When Nixxiom had returned to life his soul was weak, giving the Shard of Aro'l (a demonic artifact Nixxiom carries) the perfect opportunity to corrupt Nixxiom and take control of his mind. Through Nixxiom, Aro'l waged a massive war against the Eternal that lead the entire guild nearly into the dust.

    Not much is known about what exactly happened to Nixxiom, but what is clear is that Nixxiom had killed off over 99% of the entire guild before vanishing without a trace into the woods again. The survivors of the battle against the demons were forced to retreat into more friendly territory.
    A month later Nixxiom met up with Rees and a few surviving members of the onslaught. He told them he had regained control over Aro'l. At first, the group was obviously hesitant, but after a quick study by Jaro it was confirmed that Nixxiom had regained his mind once more. He refuses to speak of how he did so though. When asked he merely shuns away the question.
    Nixxiom, Rees, Jaro, and Garion all decided that it was time to reform the Eternal and forget the bloody war that had just occured. With the Eternal alive once more and recruiting Nixxiom headed north with his men and made home in Pyrewood Village.

    Once in Pyrewood the rebuild operations began. Nixxiom sent his newly crafted Dark Council into the nearby towns to recruit aid from soldiers in the area. It wasn't long before they returned with soldiers marching in step behind them. The Eternal now had a small army once more for protection, but nothing that could stand up to a full Horde attack.

    In the period of a month the Eternal continued to recruit individuals back into its ranks while forming partnerships with other guilds they had contact to in the south. The Eternal was alive, but it's glory had not yet been regained. Nixxiom was at a loss until he encountered an undead by the name of Nogo. The undead demanded the Shard of Aro'l from Nixxiom. Nixxiom tried to explain that the shard was bound to him, but the undead would not listen and continued to pester Nixxiom of giving up the shard over the period of the next few weeks.
    Nixxiom was annoyed by the undead but vowed that no hostility towards him would be made. He was nothing more then a fool with an appetite for power in Nixxiom's eyes. A blinded fool. However, just as Nixxiom had nearly forgotten the undead he returned once more to Pyrewood to demand the shard. After Nixxiom explained that the shard couldn't be given, Nogo began to murder some of the townspeople with the magic that was seeping from his body due to the need for the Shard of Aro'l.
    Nixxiom couldn't watch what was occuring and finally decided he was finished trying to reason with this walking corpse. He attacked the undead, causing Nogo to reveal his true form as an angel of death to the Eternal.
    Fear was not an option though, and Nogo soon found himself being attacked by the members of the Eternal in Pyrewood. His magics were strong, yes. But the pressure on him in the battle was proving to much. During the heat of things Nixxiom decided that the only way to rid the guild of this demon was to incase him in the Shard of Aro'l as well. He loaded his bow with the shard at the end of his arrow and shot at Nogo, only to scratch him slightly with the Shard.
    This mere scratch though, gave Nogo a view of the evil that lied within the Shard. He called a truce as soon as the darkness of the stone flooded his mind and demanded that Nixxiom destroy the object as he was intending to do all along. Nixxiom agreed and Nogo offered his assistance in the matter.

    Nixxiom now plans on how to destroy the shard of Aro'l with his soldiers push the Forsaken back towards Tirisfal in the north. While the soldiers pushed the Horde north though, Nixxiom began to train the rest of the soldiers of the Eternal to combat the demon lord Aro'l. As they training however, Nixxiom began to feel Aro'l's dark presence approaching. Aro'l had freed some of his power when he took control of Nixxiom and now his body was coming to get the shard back to fully release himself. Soon after the realization of Aro'l's semi-return Nixxiom heard tell of a dark artifact in the Alterac Mountains being protected by the ogres. The mage's in the former Dalaran asked the Eternal for aid in the rising attacks and corrupting magic. Nixxiom agreed to help and him and a large war band of the Eternal headed into the Alterac Mountains to confront whatever it was corrupting the ogres.

    After dodging countless arrows and fighting their way through the ruins of Alterac, the Eternal soon found itself face to face with the leader of the ogres and the wielder of the dark artifact that was corrupting them. A massive ogre stood before the group and attacked them with a barrage of demonic spells and other magic. Nixxiom was struck paralyzed by one such spell but the Eternal was able to stop the ogre once Tirillion sliced the artifact from the ogre's hand. The ogre shifted back into the form of a young ogre that delivered a message. Aro'l had returned and he was coming for Nixxiom and the Eternal. The Eternal gave the corrupted boy-ogre a quick death before he could cause more harm.
    Nixxiom was still paralyzed, but he was able to recover on the road back to Pyrewood thanks to his ice magic pulling the demonic taint from his body. Once back in Pyrewood Nixxiom began to rethink his plans. Aro'l was corrupting the enemies around the Eternal and he was sure Aro'l would show his face to the guild soon enough. And that he did...

    Before a training session with Rees the Eternal bore witness to the Demon Lord before them. His form was twisted and his voice was that of death itself. He came with a message that leaked from his mouth of fire. He demanded the Eternal bring forth Nixxiom to him. Aro'l vanished but all the members of the Eternal could still feel his eye watching them all within their base.

    It wasn't long after the appearance of Aro'l that Nixxiom heard that the Argent Dawn were being pushed back by tainted Scourge that were trying to reach Silverpine. Nixxiom instantly knew the situation and sent the Eternal west to stop this new Scourge invasion lead by Aro'l. Through spies Nixxiom identified two leaders of the Scourge that were working under Aro'l. Both had taken residence in Stratholme and Scholomance. To fight this threat Nixxiom sent two assaults teams to deal with the threats. One to Stratholme and the other to Scholomance to eliminate the leaders of the blight and recover the demonic shards that were controlling them. In the mean time though, Nixxiom sent a small group in Andorhal to contact a Bronze Dragon in the area to recover a tome from her in order to use to cleanse the shards controling the Scourge.
    It wasn't long before the three groups reformed and Nixxiom was giving the two shards and the tome to cleanse them. Nixxiom began to do so but soon found himself pulled into Aro'l's mental prison before finishing the ritual to cleanse the shards. Nixxiom was trapped only for a few minutes but in that time Aro'l appeared before the Eternal and again and murdered a member of the Eternal named "Derin" as a warning. He wanted to toy with the Eternal and Nixxiom both. He cast Nixxiom out of his prison and told the Eternal to meet him in the frozen north of Northrend. He then left in a similar ball of fire with the Shard Nixxiom had carried for years in his hand. Aro'l was whole again. The demon lord and his army had returned.

    The Eternal headed back to Pyrewood with Nixxiom greatly disturbed by what had happened. He took comfort though in the fact the Eternal wasn't willing to give up against the demon lord. Nixxiom knew killing Aro'l was impossible. But they'd find a way. He knew they could. It wasn't long after getting to Pyrewood that the Eternal packed their things and headed to Menethil harbor. They were heading for Northrend and soon they found themselves staying at the Westfall Brigade Encampment in Grizzly Hills waiting for whatever Aro'l had planned for them.

    For a month the Eternal sat quiet and received no activity from Aro'l. Some even began to question the demons existence who hadn't witnessed the demon yet. Nixxiom knew however what the demon lord was planning. He was luring the Eternal into a state of confidence and disbelief to keep their minds elsewhere. Nixxiom knew what was about to happen but didn't know when it would. During this time though Aro'l constantly spoke to Nixxiom through their mental link the tear had created between the two. He continuously taunted Nixxiom and nearly drove Nixxiom mad with his constant whispers. During this time Nixxiom vanished into the woods, leaving the guild alone.
    He returned one day though carrying the unconscious body of his Dark Lady, Nokomis. He placed her in a tent and all could see that she was stuck by some sort of magic. She also had no shadow which caused many eyebrows to raise. Nixxiom vanished again claiming he was going to find someone to restore Nokomis to health. He was gone for two days but eventually returned holding the magical essence of Noko's spirit in his hand. He used his magic to restore her to a conscious state, but she was obviously still very shaken from what had occurred. Nevertheless though, she went back to interacting with the Eternal which gave Nixxiom a slight peace of mind.
    The peace however was shattered when Noko was once again struck ill by the demon known as Nogo who had possession of her soul to begin with. Nixxiom had identified that Noko was sent to kill him originally but that made no difference to him. He watched though as Nokomis died instantly in front of the Eternal while Nogo tore apart her soul with his magic. In a rage Nixxiom left a few individuals incharge of the camp before vanishing with Noko's body to take down the demon known as Nogo.
    In Icecrown the two clashed in arms causing the ground itself to tremble thanks to Nogo's shadow magic and Nixxiom's frost. Nixxiom was able to get the upper hand though when he caused a small avalance behind Nogo to distract his attention. Once the demons back was turned Nixxiom charged forward and rammed his blade of enchanted ice into his back. He sealed Nogo in a prison of his own personal ice and extracted Noko's soul back from Nogo.
    With Noko's soul in hand Nixxiom placed the spirit back in Noko's body to revive her but soon saw that Nogo had taken the shadow magic that kept Noko alive away from her. The Dark Lady was gone and Nixxiom had failed to protect her. He took her body back to Grizzly Hills and gave her the honor he'd give any of the Eternal. She was placed on a pyre before the Eternal's members and burned. Her ashes blew into the forest and Nokomis finally became Eternal...

    Nixxiom was griefed still from his loss of his love though and made an announcement that he was going to go try and take down Aro'l alone. He would try and take back the Tear of Elune and reseal the demon and his army within which would require Nixxiom's life force. If he failed he faced an eternity of endless torment. Nixxiom left the camp though and headed to the Storm Peaks where Aro'l was seen preparing his army by the Vanguard. Just as he was about to enter the mountains though Nixxiom was stopped by Noko's sister Buay who tried to convince him not to throw his life away.

    Before Nixxiom could make a decison though he witnessed an entire demonic army heading towards him and Buay bent on killing them both. Nixxiom and Buay both fled and retreated back to Grizzly Hills where Nixxiom knew Aro'l was heading. It wasn't long after Nixxiom arrived at the camp that a small legion of demons and an arch dragon appeared to lay waste to the Eternal. The demons left the camp ablaze in fire, but the Eternal was able to drive the small force back once Nixxiom was able to kill the dragon burning away the camp. Aro'l spoke then and told them all he was coming in two days to lay waste to the Eternal once and for all. Nixxiom quickly ordered preparations be made for the battle to come and the Eternal began to prepare for war...

    Welcome to The Eternal.

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