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    Nixxiom (Updated!)


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    Nixxiom (Updated!)

    Post  Nixxiom on Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:07 pm

    Because my backstory is so massive after so many years of RP I will instead be posting a quick overview of Nixxiom.


    -8 ft. 1 in.
    -Unknown. Estimated to be mid twenties.
    -Shadow Elf
    -Dark Lord of the Eternal
    -The Dark Lord, Nixx, Ezer'Ferlinok (Harbinger of the Frost), Shando (honored teacher), the Eye.
    Famous Relatives:


    -Nixxiom stands at a little more then eight feet tall due to the Shard of Aro'l who's energies have increased his overall size. His hair is a pale white color after years of extreme stress, not age. His skin was once a pale light blue color, but now sits as a very light purple due to the restoration of his life force when the Lich King died and his training in the druidstic arts. His face is his most striking feature. His entire face is covered in hundreds of scars that has literally distorted his image. He appears almost as if he was mauled by some sort of animal multiple times. The largest scar however runs over his left eye socket which lies empty due to his eye rotting out when he entered his phase of undeath. His other eye glows a pure white that matches his hair perfectly. He wears a dark outfit and wields a massive two handed axe from the heart of Icecrown itself. The Frozen Blade of the Northern Waste.
    Nixxiom's entire history is shrouded in mystery but he has hinted at times that he participated in the Battle of Mt. Hyjal when he was eighteen. When asked about it more though, Nixxiom doesn't speak much. He claims that many are not ready to know his past and the deeds he has preformed in it. Nixxiom has spoken of some other parts of his past at times though. He was in the original Remnant that was destroyed by unknown means, he fought in the war in Outland during the Burning Crusade, and that he at some point encountered a demon lord named Aro'l and in cased him and his demonic army in a Tear of Elune.
    Nixxiom is a person that prefers to be alone but can be a leader if needed. He isn't one that is easily provoked but raises his blade if necessary to rid himself of an annoyance. He is someone that must be careful with his anger though due to the fact that if his emotions fuel him to much the Shard of Aro'l has a tendency to invoke Nixxiom under its sway due to its demonic hold on Nixxiom's mind. Because of this, Nixxiom works more as a peace keeper rather then a fighter.
    Despite this though, Nixxiom is very skilled in the art of battle from his past life. His hand to hand combat skills are baffling to some and rogues within the Remnant have noted that his forms are similar to what they learned as well during their rogue training. This could be a hint that Nixxiom was a rogue before his undeath as a Death Knight. Nixxiom is also called the "Lord of Frost," meaning he has a power over ice and frost magic that is near unmatched as of date. His favorite technique to use with his ice is to force it to creep up someones body, slip into their mouth, then freeze their lungs solid from the inside out before sending a swift kick to their chest causing their lungs to shatter inside their chest. Nixxiom is not one to show mercy if it needs not be shown.


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