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    Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]


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    Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nogo on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:10 pm


    Belgarath. Born as a poor child in the worse quarters of Stormwind.

    was a accident from a hooker and a Soldier.

    Several Abortion failures after she knew she was pregnant, Bel's Mother accepted her fate, but refused to stand for what she'd done. Knowing it would ruin the price on her services and her Income she decided to give birth to the child and then instanly abandon it.
    She Left him to die in the street.

    He was altho find by other Street urchins and was raised as one of them.
    he became more and more athletic and more of a leader of the Urchins.
    He Became the one striving for everyones welfare and good health.
    After a couple of incidents he had with the Stormwind Guards he became a known Criminal,
    known for his rude way of doing what he want and get away with it.

    year after Year he lead the Urchins to a safer place deep in the cellars of "The Slaughterd Lamb"
    they managed to put up a Society for the less fortunate as him self of the City of Stormwind.
    After a long while he also found out who his mother was, also his father.
    His father by the name of Griffin had died in combat 9 months earlier.
    His mother was executed for drowning another of her Childs in the Cannals of stormwind.
    In greif he realized he was never wanted by his mother.

    He've had this illusion of them coming back for him someday. As he realized that was not the case.
    He left leadership to a choosen person out of the Urchin society, And became a somewhat descent citizen.

    At the age of 21 The Argent dawn came to stormwind.
    Listening to a Bard he got to know what the Argent dawn did and became more and more motivated to make something out of his life.

    When the Argent dawn was preaching at the Light Chapel of Stormwind, he managed to fetch some of the information and Became a Recruit of the Argent Dawn.
    After 3 weeks he had his first promotion after a Incident in the Westernplague lands where a Farm was over run by a Smaller Legion of Ghouls. being orderd by his Corrupted Squad leader he disobeyed and saved the life of his enier squad, He was now a Squad Leader Of the Argent Dawn.

    For the display of Courage he had shown in disobeying his Leaders order along with running back to save the clueless Farmers he was given the Mark of Valor for Argent Dawn.

    He did his duties as a Squad leader long and well, he participated at most Front line missions.
    In one of those missions a Necromancer was captured and interrogated.
    This was to change his whole life. it was The second in command back in the Urchin Society.

    Belgarath- "What are you doing with that Filth?"
    Albin- "What are you doing with your filth?"
    *It became quiet for a long time before Belgarath broke the silence*
    Belgarathl- "You've changed.."
    Albin- "Oh grow up, This world have changed. Everywhere is nothing but darkness."
    *Belgarath didnt take much noice of those words at that time. But i turned the tables on him later.*

    His mind became filled with dark thoughts about humanity and where it was heading.
    He started becoming more and more cynical and did things his way. Not always to the satisfaction of his superiors as i often meant, Excessive display of Violence and uneeded cruelty.

    He was assigned to lead the troops into battle to make a final push penetrating the Gates to Icecrown. As they enterd the desecrated land of Icecrown, Belgarath lead them on into towards the second gate out of 4 before reaching the steps of Icecrown Citadel.
    As they got closer the second gate, a deep sigh like whisper in the wind.
    Belgarath and the second in command leading the Troups looked around them.

    Ghouls arose from the ground, digging their way up to the surface. The ghouls was reinforced by Flesh Golems pouring out of the second gate. Their penetration of Icecrown was already discoverd and their fates where sealed.
    Gargoyles joined in from The top of the gate and started terrorizing the troups below.

    Belgarath orderd the troups to retreat, as they turned around. More ghouls dug them selfs up from the ground. Skeletons started to reanimate around the Few necromancers joining the scene.
    The Flesh Golem that appearantly lead the attack now yelled out over the Army of ghouls, necromancers, Flesh golems and Gargoyles in a language none of them understood.
    It must have meant attack, cause after the shout of ferocity, The Ghouls started advancing towards the group.

    It was over in matter of minutes. The Troup had been decimated to 30 man out of 100 in the time of 20 minutes. They had managed to cut their way back towards the first gate in a reckless attempt to break the Circle of Undeath around them.
    The cavalry from the Argent Dawn had now to reach them.
    The ghouls and lesser flesh golems was crushed under the hoofs of the ravaging warhorses.
    knights of the Light started casting Spells cleansing the spirit and rest of their humanity from the Ghouls and at the end of the fight. What had started with a 100 crusaders lead by belgarath.
    Had been decimated to 2 Sole survivors. The cavalry led them back to heir basecamp of the Argent Pinnacle.
    The other survivor didnt live more then 10 minutes after their started journey back home.

    As They rode homewards, Belgarath was holding the injured solider in his arms in a Cart who was brought with them to transport injured and severely damaged soldiers.
    of the 6 Carts. only 2 spots was taken..
    The solider with the name of Adam, had open wounds around his throat. his voice becoming more and more faint.

    Belgarath- "Stay in there soldier.. You did a fine job today"
    Adam- "Dont talk nonsense Sir. Im dieing. we both know it.."
    Belgarath- "yes you are. But none the less your sacrifice will not be forgotten.."
    Adam- "Thats what you think... Nothing i did today will matter, The lives lost. Wont be rememberd, wont be honored."
    *Belgarath stares quietly down into the eyes of the dieing soldier*
    Adam- "There wont be no bard songs, of what we accomplished today..We'll be forgotten by time, our Lives sacrificed in Vein and as the human society moves on Lost in time."

    The words went straight to belgaraths already dusked mind toughts and Corruped his mind.
    He sank down into a state of melancoly where he no longer had faith in humanity. Leaving the Argent Dawn Behind. He deserted from the Army and lived on nothing but Bounty hunting and mercenary jobs.

    At one of his assignments he was sent to the area of darkshore. Where he meet a night elf called Glorn. He was a officer within a Movement called Remnant Of Shadows. He took the call of the remnant who was led by the Mysterious and undoubtly Powerfull being, Nixxiom.
    and became a Recruit. In matter of days his Ability to lead people and motivate them.
    He became a commander in the movement.
    a couple of months later he was now second in command.

    After a incident in Icecrown, The Remnant was Shatterd and disbanded.
    He was found injured by the present leader of his own squad.
    He was put to justice for 3 months in jail. As he started over against his own will as a recruit
    within the Argent Dawn Yet again.

    He was sent into battle unarmored and Unarmed. As a Indirect Sentence Of Death.
    And indeed he fell in battle. his body being reanimated by a nearby Necromancer.
    He was armed with a unknown soldiers Sword and shield.
    He now fought and slayed whom was his allies minutes ago.

    Even tho his mind was corrupted by the Necromancer, His hate for the Leader of the squad was now his main target. Focusing on him through the battlefield he went into a beserk Like frenzy, slaying any Argent crusader in his way as the Runeblade absorbs the souls of the fallen, leaving stains of their blood forever tainted on the steel.

    He finally reached his Destination. Right infront of the Squad Leader. As he Smashed the leader down to the ground a Conversation unknown to all took place.

    Belgarath hisses in frenzy as he raises his Blade..
    Leader- "By the light! You are gonna be rewarded, Stop this madness now and look around you! SEE WHO YOUR REAL ENEMIES ARE!"

    Belgarath hesitates and somewhat lowers the Runeblade.

    The leader smiles a insecure smile filled with hope of being spared.

    Belgarath stares down at the Leader.

    Belgarath- "I was sent out here to die, They gave me life again.. Im staring at my Enemie now.."
    At these words he raised his blade and drove it straight through he Leaders throat leaned forward and hissed in his ears...with the last of his free mind and efforts.

    "I...will come back.."

    The second thing he knows is that hes standing in the Eastern Plaguelands infront of the Lights Hope chapel, his Overlord Darion mograine is injured, at the path towards the Chapel, Tirion Fordring stands wielding he Ashbringer holding a speech how a Alliance had been formed today.

    Choosing to resign from the Ebon blade, he set of with a Evil grin on his face, wielding the runeblade given to him in he Lich Kings Service, he set off to take revenge on everyone who had done him wrong in the past. Humanity had done wrong to him, and now had to pay.

    Remembering the most powerfull individuals he had known before falling, he set course towards where he last knew they had their headquarters located.

    The Remnant... Nixxiom..

    At arriving to the Dock of Darkshore he realized its abandoned and no-ones around.
    He went to he City of Stormwind shrouded and hidden, he remained anonymous and unknown.
    After a good 3 months of looking he had found out the present location of the Remnant.

    After the Defeat at Icecrown The Eternal was formed (See Nixxioms posts)

    He took recruit yet again under the same name. Not being recognized he stayed as a Warrior.

    upcalling the attention from the Second in command called Rees, He quickly Became a Outstanding member of the guild. his attitude being cold and Rejecting made him a Mysterious addition to the guild. no-one reckognizing his past, no-one knowing what he had been through.

    The Perfect oppertunity to become a trusted member. Just to in the end Punish them all. Absorbing their powers. Thirsty for power he put up to the challenge of becoming Rees appreantice.

    He fought another asipirant called Simon.
    This individual was weak in the eyes of Belgarath. Having the oppertunity to fight him twice before the final Appreantice-Evaluation he had him all figured out. Both fights belgarath walked out Victorious from. He even lead a own squad to Victory against Simons Squad.

    After becoming The appreantice of Rees, he also got the rank of incharge of the Army Of The Eternal. promoting aspirants he was fond of and could come to use later on to him self he now Aimed at Taking over the Eternal. He did no major changes as the time passed by.

    After leading the Army of Eternal to Victory in the battle of Icecrown where his Arch Enemies The Argent Dawn finally was able to Defeat the Lich King. As a result of his efforts in this Assault, He was now Third in command of the Eternal. As a Part of the Dark Council he set his eye to the ones above him. Rees and Nixxiom.

    No matter what. Their Powers Had to become his.

    He had now gatherd Strength to challenge Nixxiom..

    As he strove out in the forest seeking to challenge Nixxiom.

    He found him in some sort of cave not very far from Astranaar.

    -"Nixxiom?" his voice lingerd throught the cave and echoed apocalypticly.
    a distant cackle of madness was all he got as an answer.

    Belgarath grinned as he enterd the cave, unsheeting his Claymore that he'd gotten so many years earlier.
    Having the sword ready in one hand and ligthing the cave up with the other, holding a torch.
    He never knew what hit him.

    Suddenly a shadow released itself from the others. Coming towards him from the side.
    One hard blow to his head and he was sent through the air hitting the cave wall hard. His torch died and he threw the rest away.. He quickly found his Runeblade once more. Mumbling some dreadful words and the Sword was set ablaze with the souls he had reaped through the years.

    As the cave was lighten up, He saw what was Nixxiom.. Only the one eye told him that this indeed was Nixxiom..
    The..Creature infront of him was horrific. In all his years within the scourge, Argent Dawn and The Eternal, he'd never seen something scaring him as Nixxiom just now did.

    He quickly recoverd from the shock and grabed his pouch pouring out the ashes from a Vampire he had slew earlier.
    (Astrnaar RP)

    Quickly Mumbling some runes of the Undeath and the Beutifull but deadly Vampire once again stood infront of him, smirking then turned towards Nixxiom. She bared her fangs slightly grinning at Nixxiom as she starts circulating to her right around Nixxiom, Belgarath taking his sword into battle position..

    "Your powers will be mine.." He cackles maniaclly and points his Sword towards Nixxiom, The Vampire rushes forward, taking a leap towards the wall, leaping from that wall Upon Nixxiom, he lands on his back with the vampire on his back.

    She grins in a victory smile, Belgarath grinning in a triumphant smile.."I knew you wherent strong.."

    Nixxiom just lays there.. Suddenly his red eye starts to glow.
    The Vampires victorious smile turns into a Agonizing look of panic, she leans back staring at her chest, a Pole have pierces her heart.. Nixxiom was prepared all this time.

    "bwahahhaa..Now whos weak Belgarath... If i've known what you were up to from the start, I would of Rees finished you, Even him could of finished you by now..." he grins as the Vampire on his chest turns into dust and softly lands on the caves floor made of stone.

    Belgarath's eyes start to flicker.."You would never of reaches this far without my assistance in icecrown, and you know it!"

    "Wouldnt i now..?" Nixxiom cackles and charges a Bolt made of essences from the Twisting Nether. He launches it at Belgarath.

    Belgaraths eyes is struck with fear as he Barely ducks away from the bolt, leaving a hole and additional cracks in the cave wall.
    He grabs his claymore with his right hand, pulling out some dust holding it in his left hand, Throwing it towards Nixxioms eyes, A bright light suddenly bursts out.

    Nixxiom covers his eyes with his hand and lower arm.."Powder from Blindweed huh..."
    as if the blind didnt work at him at all, he takes a step to the right making Belgarath go outcourse, He reaches out his right hand and Belgarath gets caught in Nixxioms strong hand with his throat at his Mercy..

    *Belgarath Chokes*
    "Bel...Why did you even try?" he smirks at Belgaraths desperate attempt to talk..
    Belgarath wriggles out of the grip falling to the cave floor struggling desperatly for air.
    Nixxiom kicks him in the face.."If this power.. wasnt so addicing, i might spare you..."
    Belgarath glares up into Nixxioms one eye.."you're inhuman....You're a fucking freak!"

    Nixxiom leans his head backwards and lets a brutal rad laugh out.."And now he tells me.."
    He grins and puts his knee on Belgaraths Solar plexus, puts alot of preasure on it.
    Belgarath realizes this is the end. Sending a Desperate message to one of his oldest friends.
    (Nogo) and also infuses his soul into the Sword next to him.

    As he realizes the message have reaches his recipant he makes a final struggle trying to gouge Nixxioms one eye out.
    Nixxiom grabs his wrist twisting it out of its normal position, breaking every bone in his wrist..
    "Why are you making this harder for your self?"
    Belgarath screams out in pain as his Wrist is shatterd, letting his Arm fall down to the cold stone floor, he makes a second attempt with his left hand.
    "You're a freak!"
    Nixxiom ignores the distracting words and grabs the 2nd hand, Putting it on his knee, Breaking his elbow backwards going 90 degrees in the wrong direction.."You're so predictable.."

    Belgarath puts all his runes down releasing a huge clowd of Death and decay around him, Nixxiom bursts out in Laughter.."Like blight and rot would affect me, I was once a Death knight too.."

    Belgarath spits Nixxiom in the face, Nixxiom wipes it off with the back of his hand.."Wrong move.."

    Nixxiom charges his hand with Fel magic, and drives it straight through Belgaraths body. Puts his mouth towards Belgaraths throat bites and rips everything within away, Belgarath's throat is ripped to shreads, blood and air mixes up in a gruesome sound as belgarath tryes to breathe.
    Nixxiom starts taking all the armor away from the fallen Hero's Body.
    As hes completely naked, Nixxiom starts ripping the skin of his body, leaving a ravaged and shredded body.

    The Claymore still resting on the place, along with the armor.

    Nixxiom wipes the little blood from his hand away, the Fel flames had already burnt most away.

    "Now thats out of the way... Where's the Rest of the Eternal.."

    Nixxiom cackles and makes his way towards Astranaar.

    [Thanks for reading]

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Philophilia on Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:15 pm

    I really like the story. Looks like you thought this back story through. Good job.

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nogo on Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:03 am

    Philophilia wrote:I really like the story. Looks like you thought this back story through. Good job.

    I have (: its all about finding time explaining all the details hence im gonna update it Very Happy

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    Can't Wait

    Post  Philophilia on Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:54 am

    I can't wait for the update. I will soon be making mine so if you want look out for it.

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nogo on Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:44 am

    Philophilia wrote:I can't wait for the update. I will soon be making mine so if you want look out for it.

    The Update of Today and rescent Events are fulfilled =P

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    Its great!

    Post  Rees on Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:13 pm

    Its great! Only thing is, the argent crusade was not formed until the same day the ebon blade was formed. You're gonna need to change that. Other than that it was utterly amazing, cept the part where you want to sap mine and nixx's power. But hey, what can ya do?

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nogo on Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:23 pm

    Rees wrote:Its great! Only thing is, the argent crusade was not formed until the same day the ebon blade was formed. You're gonna need to change that. Other than that it was utterly amazing, cept the part where you want to sap mine and nixx's power. But hey, what can ya do?

    Did not know that as the Faction always been there (Seems to me) It will be hotfixed (:

    HoHoHoHo.. its a looooooooong time before he can IC'ly put ups a rats ass of a challenge to you and nixx ;3

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nixxiom on Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:52 pm

    Very nice ending to your character! Finally a good backstory that was enjoyable to read.

    Although, if the fight between me and you would've happened Nixxiom would've ripped your throat out of your neck with his teeth and skin you. That's what he was doing to the other members of the Eternal during his corruption. Either way though, very awesome storyline. Wink

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Nogo on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:33 pm

    Oh yea, True that. Editing.


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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

    Post  Rees on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:38 am

    The ending was absolutely ASTOUNDING. Great ending for a great story!

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    Re: Belgarath. Rise and fall.[Updated 5th Mars - The End]

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