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    Merander Silvercrest

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    __ ?|~ How easily the mind can be turned
    to hate from a place of fear.

    Name.·• Merander Silvercrest
    Nicknames.·• There are many nicknames known for this man, one of them being "Brute"
    Age.·• 45
    Gender.·• Male
    Sexuality.·• Heterosexual
    "Job/s".·• Veteran Pikeman of the Alliance
    Status.·• Alive; Single

    __ ?|~ And I have prided myself
    on my ability to learn.

    height • • • 5'3"
    weight • • • 230 lbs.
    build • • • Muscular yet slender.
    hair • • • Long flowing auburn strands dance around the man's head.
    eyes • • • Green
    natural hair color • • • Auburn-red.
    specific features • • • There is a scar that lays across his face, an eye patch covering a brutal maiming.
    clothing style • • • From head to toe he is drabbed in plate-mail mixed with chain-mail undercoatings.

    ][overall +-- The man who stands before you is a well experienced, and war hardened veteran. His good eye reveals nothing about him, his arms thick, muscular and broad. Clad head to toe in armor. He is rarely seen without some sort of heavy armor on, along with his halberd.

    __ ?|~ The beginning of wisdom is
    the statement 'I do not know.'

    likes``~ Women, booze, and the battlefield
    dislikes``~ Orcs, Tauren, .. Pretty near anything Horde.
    strengths``~ He is extremely proficient at using a Halberd.
    weaknesses``~ Sin'dorei and women.
    habits/quirks``~ Occasionally lights up a cigar, though a bad habit.
    fears``~ Arachnophobia.
    dreams``~ To die in a glorious battle.
    goals``~ To rid Azeroth of the Horde.

    ][overall +-- Merander is a heartless individual and would not think for a second about driving his polearm straight through your gut if you happened to tick him off. Despite his seemingly angry nature, he has a kind side to him. . Or what his perception of kindness would be, which would be blowing smoke in someone's face or kicking a Gnome to the curb if they just so happened to be in his way, or in the way of a lady friend. Then again, beneath all this lies a caring person wh- Oh who are we kidding, this guy is the definition of an asshole. You talk to him, you best have a reason for him not to insult you or try to kill you.

    __ ?|~ Instead of focusing on the things that unite us,
    we focus on what divides us.

    (¯`mother·._ Alesha Truesilver
    (¯`father·._ Grayam Silvercrest

    ][history +-- ". . It is.. Time. ." A man with shown age said, standing up with halberd in hand. He charged forward, among the many fellow Alliance soldiers. Merander would be the name of this man. He withdrew the spear from his grasp, watching it fly through the air and impale a nearby Orc, he ran forward, leaping over a heaving Tauren towards the corpse of the Orc. He ruthlessly ripped the blade from the limp body, swinging around the pole, catching another's head with it. The headless body falls to the blood drenched battlefield. Then suddenly, his eyes wearily opened, a young Human Priestess stood near him, applying dressings to various wounds. The man sighed, shaking his head. ". . Another nightmare from the darkened war.." He stood up, pushing the Priestess away as he walked out of the tent onto the fresh snow, his boots creating a soft crunching sound in it.

    A decorated soldier walked up to Merander, clearly a General. He had just finished slipping on his armor at the time. Suddenly Darrick snapped to attention, immediately saluting the man. "It has been a long time, brother. ." The man smiled quirkily before nodding. "Quite, Merander.. A reunion long overdue. ."

    __ ?|~ To pretend it did not exist
    is to forget how dreadful the impact was. .

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