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    Nogo, The Awakening.

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    The Backstory is much like Nixxioms, Been around as a RP Char for ages and hence have a shitload to talk/write about. Altho from displayed curiosity from a conciderable amount of members of <The Eternal> I've decided i'll write his Backstory when ever im bored.

    Its gonn be Written Year by Year. all 126 of them..

    Year One; Birth
    Year Two; Whats Happening?
    Year Three; Education.
    Year Four; First attempt.
    Year Five; First Killing.
    Year Six; Growing up.
    Year Seven; Outcast.
    Year Eight; Hated.

    Birth. Year One.

    The Second his mother held him after a troubled time of giving birth to him, She frowned upon him, His eyes, they were dark as the night itself. They had no display of the innocense a Human child should have when they've just been born. His Skin was pale as Death itself, His Eyes dark, His hair Black, The Word displaying in everyones head when they saw him, was "Grim" also known as Ugly, He was rejected from all his Mothers Love already from the start, He was never shown compassion, and he wasnt Breastfed, Cow and Goat milk was his Diet.

    Ever since his mother got home from the Care of her friend who was helping her giving birth to the Child, she kept imagining herself that the shadows followed her, out of curiosity, It almost seemed like they were excited, Excited over what? She asked herself.. The Feeling of the shadows stalking her around her home, when she went shopping and whenever she was alone, became more and more real to her. Sometimes she thought her self hearing the shadows whisper, talk, even snicker.

    The Shadows seemed to lurk around Nogo from the very start, not as a Member of the shadow dancers, but as the Child forsawn from generations and more generations back, All the way to the Very start of The Guild,
    The Shadow Dancer.

    There was this Prophecy, who had fortold the birth of a Child, who would be so engulfed with shadows from the very start, that He could lead everyone to what their heart searched and wanted the most.

    The Prophecy, unknown years before Nogo was Born

    "Us, The shadow dancers have been placed in this world to keep peace and harm from those we love,
    and bring judgement and justice to those who have done us wrong and injustice.

    Thy Shalt know that we are weak as it is now.
    The True power of our powers shalt be shown by a child, The Child Of The Shadows Himself,
    His eyes shalt be dark as the night, His hair aswell, His life will be hard and dangerous.
    But shalt this child succeed in his quest for power.

    Our Cause will become Law and Order."

    ~Torak, Creator Of The shadow Dancers.

    Whats Happening? Year Two.

    Nogos mother had been getting used to the stalked feeling from the shadows who seemed to be everywhere, Under the trees at summer, in the darkness of Winter, The shades from the lightsource of their home. They seemed to watch her all along.

    She was working in the kitchen where woman belonged in this time and Era, When suddenly she saw something moving in the very far end of her line of sight, Nogo was sitting on the floor, Glaring at her as usual.
    God! she hated that child..."Why'd he have to stare like that..."
    she looked at the spot she thought she had seen something. At the Can of milk she couldnt see anything other then the light from the open fire making the shadows flicker around.
    She returned doing what she was doing, wich was cutting a Chicken up removing its intestants to be able cook it for dinner next day.
    Now she saw Nogo move..he raised his hand towards the Can of milk, She followed where he was pointing, Nogo holding his hand straight out towards it, But still glaring her his Mother, Their eyes met, Nogo formed his hand into a fist, and with a Loud crashing sound the Can of milk he had been pointing at broke.

    She twiched in suprise and looked at the can, she could SEE the shadows slither away from it, and now that she think of it, as Nogo pointed, had'nt there been snake-like shadows engulfed the can right before it was smashed?
    She stared down on Nogo, Facing his Dark black eyes..."What are you..?"

    The year went by without any new dramatic incidents, Things broke, but she always made up excuses for it.. It wasnt Nogo.. It couldnt be, I mean.. who can break a can just by wanting it..
    She Shruged her shoulders, laughing a little, convincing herself she was over-worked and exhausted, Everyone can have illusions, then...can't they?

    Before she could finnish the Thought, she heard a loud crack, She walked into the room where the crack had came from, Nogo sat there, Staring with his Dark eyes at her, still holding his hand out towards the Chair who had a broken leg and was tipped over... her eyes widdened as she once again saw the Shadows Slither away from her gaze, she closed her eyes shaked her head, and calmed herself, moments later she walked up to the chair and made up her excuse..

    "Old Chair legs break, ofcourse they do..Nothing wierd with that."

    Education, Year Three

    Nogo had started walking with more secutity and more coordinated movements, He ran around the house following his mother, Glaring at her, She never talked directly to him, always said "you there" or "It".. She never used his name.. He felt a quick sting in his heart as he realized she've never said his name under 2 years time..
    But then again, Nogo didnt talk much either...None infact. He had'nt opend his mouth for 3 years.. But luckily he dont need to, His mother was taking care of him in any way he needed it, Food, Bed, sleep and so forth.
    No need to pursuade someone who wasnt in need to be pursuaded.
    He listened to the whispers around him, seemingly coming from nowhere, He had learnt so much from this voice.
    It was like his best friend. In his isolated world of being a Three year old.
    He grinned braing his teeth. This didnt seem to bad after all.

    The shadow had learnt him to talk, what words meant, it made Nogo evolve faster mentally then anyone could have thought possible. His mind is basiclly a Grown ups in a childs body. He only talked when there was no-one around in a wide area, He wanted no-one to hear him.. He liked keeping the mysticism around his name, around his Attitude, around his whole being. Being the outcast excited him at first...

    First attempt, Year Four.

    Nogo's mother had realized her son was gonna grow up to be an asshole if she wouldnt help him.
    She saw herself as his saviour as she for the first real attempt to take the position of "Nogos Mother".
    This was gonna be hard for her, she thought to her self.

    She walked into the Kitchen, Nogo sitting on a chair glaring at her with his dark Eyes as always, His mouth was as stiff as always, not a sign of being happy, mad, disappointed, Nothing Just a plain emotionless face, and his eyes.. She hated those eyes.

    She kneeled infront of the chair looking back into his glaring eyes as she gatherd courage enough to start off.
    In the glimpse of the moment, she rememberd all these things who had broken under the past 4 years,
    "ever since Nogo came..."
    There had been nothing but trouble, The Hate swelling up in her displayed in her eyes as they became hard staring back into Nogo's eyes.
    she opened her mouth and said..
    "Hey there...Nogo"
    Nogo stares back at her, showing not a sign of Emotion in his face.
    "I thought we should..have a talk, Now that your growing up and all *pats his shoulder and smiles letting out a quick laughter trying to sound experienced*"
    Nogo now displays the first emotion during the conversations, he twitches as she Touch him, moving away from her.
    "I am your mother Nogo, You shouldnt be afraid of me."
    Nogo lets out a straight off Disrespectfull smile of his face.
    Nogos Mother have had enough..she tryed to stay calm but failed, as she said.."What are you smiling at"
    Nogo is quiet as his disrespectfull smile slowly disappears from his face.
    "Thought so" She said in a triumphant tone.

    Nogo then started laughing into her face, and saying the very first words heard by others.
    "You really think im afraid of you? That i stopped smiling cause of your outburst? Im smiling at being Four year old, and superior a grown up."

    His mothers eye widened as she stumbled backwards shocked by how cold and full of hate his words were.
    she grabbed her mouth who was open, trying to hide her Suprise.
    She stared at Nogo, who was smiling once agian, She Stood up, brusher the dust of her clothes, turned around. and Didnt talk to Nogo more that year.

    Nogo Started Grinning towards his mother as well as glaring everytime they were in line of sight.
    The Mental Terror she had to withstand was exhausting.

    First killing, year Five.

    Ever after the incident of Nogos mother trying to take contact with her son, She hadnt talked to him at all, only about him, Everyone knew by now that Nogo was a little spawn of Satan himself. But no-one ever said it to him, Not that they had to, Nogo knew everything that concerned him, His friend the Shadow had been gathering information around everything concerning him.

    One day, Nogo was being updated by his anonymous friend, who had grown really fond of, Not as a friend, but a usefull resource of Power. Nogos Power thirst had started already at the age of Five.
    He over heard that a man who was talking FOR leaving Nogo alone out in the woods, Was to eat dinner with His Mother tonight, and Nogo was gonna be there.

    Nogo:"Shes Concidering killing me...hmm"
    Shadow:"It seems so."
    Nogo:"We cant let that happend, can we?"
    Shadow:"No we cannot."
    Nogo:"So we have to stop it somehow..But how"
    Shadow:"You'll have to figure this one out on your own."

    Nogo glared after the shadow as it slitherd away from him under the door into another room.
    he started forging his plans for the evening.

    As the evening came closer and closer, He had a plan figured out, more and more detailed.
    When the guest arrived, Nogo was greeting him without words at the door, showing the man around.
    Nothing happend what so ever during this trip. Nogo was calm, but glared at the Man all the time.
    The man was sweating clearly, "Why does it seem like this Kid knows what we're planning.."
    He peered at Nogo trying to smile, but ended up frowning in disgust instead.

    As The Dinner was done, They took a seat around the table. They ate under silence.
    When this was done, she put out a bottle of Ale, The man sipped from the drink..
    He smiled at Nogos mother.."Got some more of this?"
    She noded and said "Yes, I do. Out in the stables..we dont have room around here, also a specific aroma from the surrounding out there makes it taste better. I'll watch the horses and cattle too..I'll be back in a couple of minutes." She glared at Nogo.."You WILL behave.." *or you'll regret it* she smirked as she turned around walking out of the House.

    Nogo Instantly glared at the man with his dark eyes and grinned.
    "You heard you mother little one.." he raised the glass to take another sip, But he froze where he was sitting.
    Behind the kid there was a Shape of a Human-like shadow forming..He closed his eyes and shaked it and looked again..Nothing. "A hallucination i guess."
    He raised his glass again Drank it all up to "Calm his nerves" as he selfrighteously called it.
    as he was Done, He saw through the transparant bottom of the glass, How the shadow was back.
    Nogo was pointing at him, He felt how his legs was being wrapped by something, He tryed to get loose, but the Buzz from the ale didnt let him.
    It wrapped upwards, up around his neck and arms.."This is bad!" he thought as he looked at Nogo.
    Nogo formed his hand into a Fist, and The Man felt his Neck slowly give after for the preasure, and his shoulders went out of position before his Neck finally gave up and cracked.

    He felt forward over the table, Nogo went forward, touched his neck, having some of his blood on his fingers.
    He held his hand up and watched the blood, His mother walked into the Room, Widened her eyes so they were big as pumpkins. From the dead man, to the Empty glass, to the Bloody hand, To Nogos face.

    As she reached his Face, she was almost passing out, The Kid was staring at the Blood facinated and with his Eyes burning with a Inner fire as made of shadows. Nogo grinned at her, walked up, Wiped the blood off on her Skirt, smirked evily and said.."Dont plot such plans openly next time..."

    She looked shocked at him as he walked out..such a little evil.
    She dragged the man up the stairs, then sent him flying down the stairs.

    The Men of Law never suspected a thing.

    Nogo was very calm the rest of the year, a couple of dead Cattle and unexplainable deaths around the Village did happend, But the victims were either old, Very sick, or had fallen for some tragic 'accident' in the woods.

    Growing up, Year Six.

    At the age of Six, Nogo showed more interest in getting to know about others in his age, He had been stroving around the village alone for months now, Eveyrbody avoided eye contact and did not want to have anything to do with him, They avoided to get trifles with him cause no-one knew what he would do.
    The day a man had mysteriously died at their home, Fell down the stairs it said, But there was bruises on the mans body that no-one were able to explain, Neither someone brave enough to try to find out.

    As Nogo walked silently with his silhuettes Shadow following him, In wich his friend was hiding, he found a group of children who very well knew who Nogo was, But Nogo had never seen them before.
    Being in the mind of a Grown up, but in a childs body, Nogo still wanted to play with some other at his age.
    Not for the fun itself, more for the construction how humans worked, what they find funny, what they find amusing.

    As He Approcahed the kids, he started holding up his hand to say hi, But as his hand was raised half up, The childrens eyes widdened and they took of running to their homes.. leaving Nogo with his hand in the air in the middle of a Plaza. He listened around him, as he heard whispers, snickers.
    They were mocking him.

    At the age of Six was the first time Nogo let his anger control, his shadow released itself from Nogos guardian, and spread across the open space of ground he was standing on.
    His very young voice lingerd through the House walls.
    "You're all fools, you'll pay for what you've put me through."
    The shadow shrank as Nogo got calmer after the sudden outburst, people was quiet, They werent mocking him anymore.

    All he could hear, was sighs of fear, shivering voices whispering to others to be quiet.
    He was no longer being laughed at, There he was. 6 years old striking fear into a whole community.
    Magic was something very few had seen in this closed and secluded village.

    The fact that he had powers is not what scared them. It was the fact that he was this strong as a child.
    Imagine what he could do if he kept this up...

    Nogo grew up without friends, The only times he talked was to strike fear into people, Mock them or dispise them, Not a kind word have ever left Nogo's lips. His Mother had given up in her approaches of being friends with her son, So had the rest of the village.
    None of the people in the village wanted anything to do with him, nor did he with them. He was always alone, always hated.

    Having friends later on wouldnt mean much to him, He was alone from the very start.

    Outcast, Year Seven.

    Nogo had turned into a outcast of the village he lived in, his eyes had changed into a Darker Blue then the Blue-ish black they had been before. His hair was now Dark as the Crows scavanging on corpses. He had gotten the Nickname. The Shadow, They still never used his name.
    He smirked as he thought about it, They were afraid of using his name. They still had the incident 2 years ago fresh in mind, Nobody in the village wanted to show up with a snapped Neck.

    They also rememberd all these drunk lumbrjacks, mine workers, frats and others. Who had talked about the "Satans spawn" and within the few dies died in accidents.

    Nogo cackled as he walked alone through the village, people turned thier heads towards him and he looked around, smirking at them with a creepy smile. Nothing they said escapes his friend.
    And in the end of every week, he got info what people said, did. Almost as his Shadow was looking out for him for some reason, The shadow creature had followed him since he was a little child, He knew as much.

    But Why? Nogo stopped to think about it, kicked a stone towards a couple of hens that scattered off into each direction, he glared at them, Smirking at their terror. He enjoyed pain suffering and sorrow.

    He knew that was the main source of pain for the humans around him. and he wanted them to experience it, Every nerve in their body shall tremble one day, every bone in their body be shatterd, All by his hand.
    He leans his head down and starts to cackle maniacly.
    "That Day will be amusing.."
    He shakes his head and starts walking homewards, towards his Mothers Farmsteed.

    As he gets closer, he sees the curtain flag even the slightest.
    Ah his mom, always so worried.. always so afraid. he laughs inside himself recalling back a few years of the first real attempt of her trying to display human emotions towards him, he had coldly let her get nothing.
    He rememberd that and opened the door, His mom cooking some kind of soup..smells like vegitables with maybe some pork.

    Mom:"ah.. your home."
    Nogo:"Yes, as you know."
    His mom looks up at him.."How would i know?"
    Nogo snickers quietly to himself and points at the curtain, still whiping from side to side ever so slightly.
    "You have a bad habbit of leaving traces after you wherever you go."
    His moms body becomes stiff.."I-I just wanted to know who it was i heard."

    Nogo rolls his eyes.."Oh please.. why would you then try to hide it from me?"
    His mom starts to shiver.."I..I'm sorry.."
    Nogo shakes his head grinning and walks out of the room.

    Nogo Sits down in his unmade bed, Leans his head towards the Wodden wall.
    Goes through what he have been through so far, what he have done and whats most important. what he had been getting away with. He cackles, His mom hears it and the laugh sends shivers down her spine.."What an evil laugh."
    Nogo Closes his eyes and listens to the few sounds around him.

    Another Day of being an Outcast, Anoter Day Alone, Another day Striking terror into the people who knew him.
    a Sense of pride arose in his breast as he walked out to consume the soup.

    Hated, Year Eight

    Nogo had always been a scary subject around the village he lived in, some people claimed he had unnatural powers. Some people shrugged it off, some people took it as serious as it could.
    The fact that Nogo was evil was of no question, but when it came to his supernatural powers.
    People had a hard time figuring out weither it was, or was not, supernatural or simple mind tricks.

    That he used shadows as his main magic there was no doubt of, neither was there any doubt weither he was an hostile or friendly creature.

    The people in the village is like cattle looking for their master. But what happends when Cattle gets scared?
    They take a defencive stance towards their intruders and attackers.
    In this case Nogo...

    Nogo woke up that morning around 5am as usual. He felt deep into his nerves that something was up.
    He knew that something wasnt right, he sniffed the air, smoke? yes, Smoke was what he sniffed, he went up and peered with his dark eyes out over the yard surrounding the house. He saw people standing with Torches and Pitchforks outside.. He almost knew this day would come.
    He was gonna get exorcisted. To rid him from the devils spirit within him.
    He cackled at them.."Fools, The spirit in this body is nothing but my own."

    Nogo raised an eyebrow and the bright morning became dusky, he leaned his head towards his silluhettes shadow, "There is no need to scare them already..Lets have some fun with them.."
    he grinned and dressed up, binding his Dagger around his belt thinking he might come to use it.
    He smirked at his shadow as he walked out the room.."You seem awefully afraid today..Somethings wrong?"
    The shadow was quiet at first, Nogo repeated the question and the shadow answered. You know i have to leave you at your Tenth birthday.

    Nogo grinned and smiled at his shadow. "I think i can handle it myself.."
    The shadow took his own form and said lowly.."Im sure you can, but if you can't, we'll have to wait another 30 generations for a Child of the Prophecy"
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