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    Gato, the reason.


    Gato, the reason.

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    Gato has a long, tortured past, one that I will painfully summarize. Gato isn't even his real name. It's an acronym for "Gon'an Tel'dore" in an old, forgotten dialect of the draenai. It means "Cursed abomination".
    Gato is one of my few characters in WoW that had been adapted from an even older character. I originally made him as an orc, by the name Khant, seeing as draenai weren't in the game. Coincedentally, he was able to return more to his original form with the release of BC. The original character, who was also named Khant, was a bipedal alien being, his species basically on the run from another. The current Gato was formed over a year of RP on Dominion itself. And now, his story.

    Part 1
    Gato was a young boy on the draenai's home planet when his story began. He was a young cleric, or rather, the equivelant of one. He was unimportant as far as things were concerned. Just another boy living his life. Gato was there when Sargeras tainted 2 of their leaders. He was also one of many that was consumed by the temptation. However, Gato is singled out by a simple thing: He changed his mind. Gato took the power that the tainted titan gave many, it still too fresh to change him physically, and he changed his mind. It took a supernatural amount of willpower to be able to do so. Gato was with the group that fled upon the Naaru, and kept his secret hidden.

    Part 2
    The draenai went through many planets, all without records surviving to modern days. Gato stayed unimportant, just another boy with a secret living his life. He had become an architect, and a rather good one at that. He could carve a remarkable likeness of someone out of a dirty boulder within a few scant days, an impressive achievement at the time. He had to fight the temptations to power every time the draenai were tracked down by the Burning Legion, each time making his mind weaker, and each time making him more powerful. But as is always the case, secrets never last forever. Gato was revealed to be tainted by accident. He was carving the likeness of a woman, one whom he had become very attached to, when the legion came again. But this time he was unable to best the temptations. As the wave of power hit him, he attacked the woman with the tool in his hand; a hammer. The woman had always had her own secret problems, which is probably what Gato saw in her. As he came to from the bloodhaze, she said a short sentence to him; "I am fixed.." And died. As the life left her, Gato, unable to bear the sight, tore out his own eyes.

    Part 3
    Draenai had found Gato and the body of the woman as they were retreating from the legion. They assumed the legion had killed her, and forgot to finish Gato off; seeing as for some reason his eyes were ripped from his skull, so they saved him. If it weren't for that, they likely would have branded him an agent of the legion and either killed him, or left him to rot. For an untold time after that, Gato was mentally broken, the pity of their race. They had found a magical way to fix his eyes, but he refused to accept it, for a time. The words of the woman twisted him in a horrible manner. She ha said that she was fixed. Fixed being broken and dead. So, Gato thought, he should continue to fix. Fix whatever was broken, to atone for his sins. When he got his eyesight back, he took up his hammer and chisel, and obliterated the first statue he could find.

    Part 4
    The next planet the draenai had landed on was Draenor, the last one they were to civilize before Azeroth. Gato was rooted firmly in his insanity, and eventually had to be restrained until they got there. Thanks to his insanity, the hold of the legion was free to take him, giving him a huge well of raw power. If it weren't for the draenai magic, he would have likely made it unable for them to live there. They were able to erase the magic, but could do nothing of the strength, that able to fight hand-to-hand with a Gronn. He was cast far to the north, to what is now known as Netherstorm, to live out his insanity. It is assumed that Gato got his engineering and explosive skills from the Etherals that eventually showed up in number there.

    Part 5
    As many, many decades passed, Gato's people eventually all but forgotten him. He had become an infamous legend in his own right shortly after his banishment, and turned into myth as those decades turned into centuries. The younger generations spoke of him as if he were an old wives tale. As for Gato, nothing is known what happened to him during these times. He was seemingly invisible. Some thought him to have died, others thought he was hibernating, but the majority thought he was merely too insane to do anything other than sit in a pile and drool. He wasn't around when the orcs eventually became aggressive. Something the draenai likely wished they had. In truth, Gato was in a land beyond Shadowmoon valley, a land that had since been destroyed, courtesy of Gul'Dan. Gato was the first draenai to enter azeroth. As a small bunch of the others fled, he found a portal, and slipped in thanks to broken guards.

    Part 6
    Gato's original time on Azeroth was amazingly uneventful. He went largely unnoticed thanks to the orcs waging war. He likely got by like that being confused for an orc or some mutation of one. For years, Gato traveled. He found things, here and there, that could be fixed, some of them still his way of marking that he had been there. As the orcs were defeated at Lordaeron, Gato was in far east Hinterlands, fixing many of the trolls there, as their homes were broken. As the orcs were defeated at blackrock mountain, he was traveling down the east coast of Khaz Modan. At some point afterwords, he had somehow found a way to cross the ocean, where he found an island. It was nothing but an abandoned city and angry ghosts. He fixed all of it, of course, and continued on to Kalimdor.

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    Re: Gato, the reason.

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    Now I feel sorry for Gato. Sad

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    I feelz bad for him. :< I wanna give him a hug. lol x3

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    Lets fix him.


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