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    Pt 1: Nikki remembers.

    I gaze out now over this field of the Grizzly Hills... The camp where my brethren rest lies far behind me. Everything is clear and crisp as the chill wind rustles through the pines and ruffles the fur around my neck.

    Pt. 2: How it all started.

    Nikkialane had been expected to hold great power before she was even born. He mother and father were both druids - which guaranteed she would hold that same power. They also BOTH had antlers, which made both of them very powerful, very influential druids. They lived in Moonglade though they would travel often and attend to the world of Azeroth as was their duty. When the news came that Emalana Oakenshire was to have a child, the whole of Darnassus and the glade was erupting with celebration.

    When the day finally came, a beautiful little girl was born. Nikkialane Oakenshire. Named after her grandmother, who she looked very much like.

    However; Nikkialane was born without antlers.

    pt. 3: Growing up. Or trying to, anyways.

    Nikki was never good enough. Never fast enough, strong enough, smart enough. She could never please her father. Her mother was as kind as any mother should be, and loving yet - cold. Nikkialane's parents seemed to want as little to do with their own child as possible. And Nikki knew it. She spent any days not being forced through rigorous training routines quietly locked up in her own room. She was a disgrace. She was weak. She was pathetic. Or so her parents would say. They may have been dutiful druids, yes. They may have had respect for all living things. But they had lived the high pampered life so long that their judgment was clouded. Instead of loving their little girl regardless of her gifts or lacking thereof, they were embarrassed. And they took it out on her, though never through any real physical abuse. They didn't need to hit her to bruise her deeply though.

    Nikki was left alone in her room with only one window, a simple dresser, a few dolls of a stag, a bird and a cat, and her bed. She was dressed simply and her room was not painted nor decorated in any way. Even her bed had the bare essentials. Day after day, her delicate, innocent mind began to form ideas and began to ask questions... Began to ponder the "What if's" and the big question - "why?".

    Suddenly she felt confused. She began to believe her parents. And every day she lived she sank deeper into her own darkening mind. Yearning for a touch of love in her life. Anything that could wake her up from this deepening feeling of comatose that she was settling into. She was growing older, seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years. A maddeningly slow, tedious process. Eventually, being a druid, she HAD to learn how to shift. She was introduced roughly to the bear spirit and passed the test set before her. Next she learned her aquatic form. Though, not in the conventional way. She had never been fond of the deep water... And she refused to read the books she was becoming so sick of. The books that tried to control her mind and make her do only as she was told.

    So she was thrown into a lake and forced to shift to save her own life. An unconventional method but her parents EXPECTED it of her. Of course, she did not disappoint - completely. Nikki was about ready to explode on the inside. Her heart had died years ago, her mind was decaying into thoughts of pure madness... Though on the outside she seemed as perfectly obedient as she ever had. She was a woman now. She was steadily growing in power. Her training regimen became even more intense.

    And she was losing herself to madness. Voices began to visit her.. She began to see shadows around every corner. Watching her. Stalking her. But then came her next lesson, banishing everything from her mind but her sheer will to train. It had become her reason for being alive. Spells, reading, fighting, wrestling, shifting... Food. Sleep. Repeat.

    She was trained eventually in her cat form. When she found herself before the great cat spirit... A connection was made...

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