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    Elder Druid of The Claw


    Elder Druid of The Claw

    Post  Anathuun on Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:38 am

    Name: Anathuune Nightvale
    Class: Druid of The Claw
    Race: Kaldorei
    Age: 13,465
    Birth Place: Nighthaven, Moonglade
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Personality: A collective and calm spirit, able to resolve any sort of conflict. He is a very kind and generous person, willing to help any individual that would require assistance, he is someone you can speak with when you are troubled and he will make it clear to you what you need to do.

    Standing at an impressive height of 7'1 he shows no sign of battle-fatigue on his Pink-Purple skin toned body. He has long, flowing dark green hair, tending to wear a robe because of his want to not constrict himself with apparel and the like. His staff, made out of Evergreen wood, the top of it resembling the face of a Stag with branches intricately designed as the horns.

    Born into a time of relative peace, many years before the wars; he has been able to meditate and become at one with himself before we were to live through the the epitemy of the tragic battles, since he was young he had always had an interest with the arts of Druidism, the mysticism of their teachings and the knowledge that came with being a Druid. He began to study their teachings at a very early age, hoping to one day perfect these ways.

    During this time he began to explore as he grew, beginning to find himself at one with nature and its beauty. He had always had a certain interest for the teachings of the Claw, he saught out the help of a Druid by the name of Faolar, he was able to put Anathuune on the correct path to begin the ritualistic ways of Druidism and the Claw itself.

    He started studying this very intently, practising every day for many years. Starting to understand the way nature worked and being able to speak with the animals that inhabitated the nearby forests. One day, Faolar had begun to speak with him, telling him of how he was ready to proceed to become a full Druid, able to shift into his feral totemic form: The Bear. His form was, un-conventional of most, he had markings placed along the sides of his fur, showing that his mark in life had just begun, one of the markings would be of a small paw print, the other a large crescent moon.

    After this he began to experience the great knowledge that he had longed for the entirety of his life. He had created a staff for himself, with the help of his "Shan'do" this was created out of a tall Evergreen, stripped and smoothed into the shape of a stag's head to represent the ferocity of his ways so that it was to fit snug onto his slung leather harness; a branch from the Evergreen was also intricately weaved to form the horns of the stag, which blood sweat and tears were put into making these and because of it, this had given him a lot of respect within the Elven Society for showing his truthfulness to the ritualistic ways.

    Eventually he traveled to Darnassus, joining the druids there and occasionally would travel to the mainland, into Ashenvale to speak with the Dryads about matters needing to be taken care of, and to this day wanders the lands in search of people that require his aid.

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    Re: Elder Druid of The Claw

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