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    Shryke of the Moonclaw Clan


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    Shryke of the Moonclaw Clan

    Post  Shryke on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:58 pm

    Thought I might as well post some backstory on Shryke Very Happy

    Shryke was born into the Moonclaw clan; a group of self-exiled druids who decided to reside in the lands of Howling Fjord. At birth, it is said that Shryke was "kissed by the moon herself", due to his pale skin and hair, as well as the crescent mark upon his brow. Within the Moonclaw clan, this is seen as a good omen.
    The Moonclaw clan conformed to the ways of the savagekin: druids who surrender themselves to the natural world and as such spend much of their time comfortably remaining in their animal forms. This choice is not without consequence though, as savagekin often times struggle to keep their ferality and savagery in check, and can be reluctant to shift back into their humanoid form.
    Shryke made his first kill at a curiously early age, slaying a feisty shoveltusk. To always remember his accomplishment, he mounted the skull of his kill on a long, decorated pole which he now uses as his staff. He has become quite proficient with said staff, as he has been using it for many, many years.
    Due to adopting the path of the savagekin, Shryke will sometimes struggle with emotions, particularly ones such and anger and rage. He tends to keep to himself and will much of the time only speak when spoken to or to comment on something that piques his curiosity or strikes his fancy. Shryke is not commonly known for becoming very close to others, but once deemed a friend, he will defend that person with his life.
    Shryke now wanders the world of Azeroth and beyond, partly because of longing for nature that a savagekin maintains, but also due to the abrupt and puzzling decline to death of the Moonclaw clan. His one wish above all else is to one day find out the cause of his clan's demise, but as with many things, he deems this wish "simply a fantasy of a time long ago."

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