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    Svarog the Hollow.


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    Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:05 pm

    Name: Svarog Siel Durchsvank.


    Titles: The Hollow.

    Age: 29.

    Eyes: Grey.


    Place/Day of birth: (I might need a hand with the exact year) 27/7/??,born in Westfall,Sentinel Hill.

    Class: Warrior,he was also in a special force squad of Stormwind as spy.

    Guild/Group:The Eternal,Council of Wind.

    Svarog is a silent person,respectful against his superiors,hateful against his enemies,with a small ego (sometimes he might call people Insects just to provoke them).He enjoys the killing and can't resist to make a joke when someone dies,or to think of it.In combat,he can be more dangerous if attacking at distance,in close combat,he might find it difficult.

    Svarog has trained with enchanters of Azeroth to teach him powerful enchants for his swords,althought they don't last very long.He must first enchant the swords and if they hit his target,he must yell a certain command.
    Freeze: When the swords hits his target,that part of his body will froze.
    Rage: The swords spin with an incredible speed,making it almost impossible to stop them,only way to avoid them is dodging them fast.
    Reap: The swords spin around Svarog,he uses them as a shield to get away of close combat or just to cover


    He has a frostwyrm from the depths of Northrend,and an undead steed (both of them with a history,i'll post them sometime).


    From the very depths of Northrend,the giant Frostwyrm responds to his masters yell,"Scream!".

    Santa Teresa.

    An stolen undead steed from the most terrifying places of Icecrown,he listens to his master yelling "Pray!".

    The Harvester & The Penitent.

    They're meant to reap life itself...

    Two swords,both hilts are attached to chains to attack at distance,they both make a strange noise when they're spinning,like if they're cutting the air itself.They can be enchanted to enpower them.
    The blades are made of pure saronite,while the rest is made of cobalt,they might look heavy,but the appearences...

    More to come,better pics,more details,stories...

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:00 pm

    The Council of Wind

    What is the Council of Wind?
    Good question,nobody knows.
    It’s a group of mysterious people and who knows how many of them roam around Azeroth.Suspected to be part of the Twilight Cult by Stormwind,wich is still unproveen,mainly because no matter if they look in all the corners of Azeroth,they would never find them.
    What Stormwind knows is that they mostly fight at distance and at night,so it’s hard to see them in the darkness,unless,the moon shines over their terrifying armor,and their weapons of chaos designed to blind of fear the hearts of the bravest man.
    Tony Romano of the Stormwind House of Nobles made a deep research,just to come out with a theory that this Council is hiding in Deadwind Pass,althought nobody has seen them there before.

    The 5 most important members
    Duhg Echtar
    Svarog Siel Durchsvank.
    Gillian Scholfuhr
    Ish’Zuru Nul’Dieb

    The Five Winds

    What are the Five Winds? these are the weapons that the 5 most important members use to spread fear and death to their enemies,all of them have something special and something in common.Rumours says,it takes more than 13 years to dominate them perfectly.
    These artifacts are called Vientos.

    The Rage of Winds: The King,The Howler

    A large sword that can separate itself in sections,made to reach targets that are too far from distance.
    It screams of rage everytime it hits...

    The Death Wind: The Penitent & The Harvester,The Dreads
    Two swords with a unique chain in both hilts that connect them,when they're throwed at a target it spins at incredible speed,as it creates a noise like if it's cutting the wind itself.
    They're meant to reap life itself...

    The Demonic Wind: The Fruit & The Spirit,The Twins
    A pair of fist weapons used for close quarter combat,these fists weapons are enchanted by demons to leave hemorrhages even in the little scars made by these.
    Together,they consume the souls of the heroes...

    The Frozen Wind: Lotus of Ice,The Ring
    A small sword that freezes whatever it touches,it is said that it can freeze the Molten Core itself [of course it can't Razz]
    Legends says that the sword breaths while no one is watching...

    The Nature Wind: The Knight,The Singer
    A throwing polearm that penetrates the hardest armour,without making difference within plate or mail.
    In the forests,whoever is close to this blade,while hear the singing of a woman...

    Now that i finished with this,i'll start with the histories soon

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:06 pm


    Running from hill to hill happily,there he was,Svarog,with his innocent age and smile,ignoring the dangers of Azeroth,he stopped when he heard the soldiers screaming.Sentinell Hill was under attack of the Defias Brotherhood,hiding behind some crates he found,he awaited "We'll all be safe,they're stro-..!" his crying interrupted,someone was pulling his shirt "Your coming with us!".
    With his hands tied and on his back,forced to run along with the Defias to the their dark base,The Deadmines.
    Turned into a miner,sometimes they took him to the assaults of Sentinell Hill,sometimes they would send him to steal food.He wasn't happy at all,but he would smile with at least looking at the sun.
    Years later,he would finally manage to escape out of the mines,sneaking past the people in Moonbrok,trying not to make a sound,he ran away in desesperation.
    But Silent Hill wasn't his destination...
    A man in dark robes,stood infront of him,looking down with his grim mask,his fist weapons safe on his wrists...
    "Where are you going...kid?"
    "T-to my Sentinell Hill..."
    "Good...but that's not where you should go..."
    "But...where should i go then..sir..?"
    "Find where the wind dies...and when you find'll be one of us".
    The man left a large box behind him,Svarog opened it...and looked up to the sky..

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:03 pm

    The box was empty,there was nothing on it,in the time he looked around for the man,he wasn't there,he just vanished.
    What were Svarog choices? go back to his old home and take the risk of being called traitor? or wander in Azeroth by his own? he needed water,the sea and lakes are full of it,at the same time,there might be danger,wich equalled food or money (incase it was a person) or clothes,but he can't just travel around walking,he needed a mount,where to get one? a stable of course,a guarded one.
    All the answer was reduced in one word.
    "A weapon!".
    But it's not easy to forge a sword by a kid,he would have to steal it then.
    Wich turned into another word hard for him to say it,a criminal,he would have to be a criminal to survive.He ran back to Moonbrok,silently,he picked up a rock,he got close to a Defias,breaking the rock in half on the head,taking his red mask,and his sword,he was now armed and ready to start his journey to...nowhere.
    Making his way to Elwynn Forest,evading the groups of gnoll (it would be stupid to fight them outnombered one to five),before reaching the bridge that connects Westfall to Elwynn,he stole pumpkins from the near farms,and filled stolen vials with water from the ocean.Before crossing the bridge,he took his mask off,then put it back again when no one was around.Trying to find a place to sleep,he sneaked into a small house in a hill,before entering it he make sure no one was inside,but that was the problem,a young woman just sitting in the fire...
    What happened after that?
    The first killing of Svarog,an innocent.

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:18 am

    Several years passed,and Svarog was haunted by most of the Stormwind by his several crimes,in his hidden home he would dream with horrible creatures,he never find the reason of these terrible nightmares,he thought of the Old Gods at first,but there was no reason.
    It was in one of the nights of nightmare that he would receive a message from the old man,in a...not so silent way,a strange looking spear penetrated the door,shattering it to pieces but it didn't stop there,it continued to the wall and finally it would stop in the mountain behind the house,while voices were speaking...
    "You couldn't be more silent right?!"
    "And what would YOU do? use your sword to destroy half of the house??"
    "Well i would of let the kid to figure out we were here!"
    "We don't have time for that!"
    "Just leave the damn box there"
    At the time they finished the chat,Svarog was waiting at the door with sword in hand,thinking what they were talking about,suddenly one of the figures hiding throwed a large box directly at Svarog.Falling backwards his head would hit on the floor and falling inconcious.
    In the morning,opening his eyes he looked at the box,opening it carefully as his eyes were shining,a pair of black,chained blades,resting on the box wich was strangely decorated with runes and a pillow with the blades lying on it.As he took them both he found a letter on them...

    Hello kid.
    It's been a long time since we met on Westfall...that day,you remember right?
    I hope you do,because now that your one of us,you must train,and never stop.
    When you finish...come with us,find us and become one with us.

    Svarog would strangely begin to grin diabocally and happily...

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Nogo on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:04 am

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Tue Mar 23, 2010 5:06 pm

    What happened after he received the blades
    That is unkown,for all that he met,was lying on the ground
    Blood covered his clothes,only the dead could tell
    What happened to him,the desire of killing called
    All that he would cross,would die by his hand

    I conclude the backstory.
    Now comes some small stories.

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:22 pm


    The Tormented Wind: Hate and Misery,

    Somewhere in Azeroth,lies the Tormented Wind,finely crafted with the most resistants metals (Khorium for the purple-pink colour,Fel Iron for the green gems,Saronite,Dark Iron and Adamantite combined to melt a strange metal),these fists-weapons can cut through everything,it is said that it could break the Nature Wind easily...

    The Solitary Wind: Avispa.

    Deep in the deserts of Silithus,Avispa awaits for her master to come and claim her,only two strikes are enough to kill her enemies,with the help of a secret poison that not even the Ravenholdt could of imagine...

    The Undead Wind: Frio.

    In the dark corners of Northrend,an strange shaped and magic axe can be found in a frozen prison,wich only the one that truly deserves it,can break it.The Council says it's one of the most precious relics,with strange magic powers that haven't been discovered yet...

    In order to obtain one of these relics,one must pass the test of the Five Winds.

    A test of Strenght
    Prove your strenght to The King and defeat him!
    A test of Intelligence
    Prove your wisdom to The Singer and outstand her!
    A test of Stamina
    Prove your speed and resistance to The Dread and beat him!
    A test of Sanity
    Test your mind to The Lotus and be invincible!
    A test of Blood
    Prove yourself worthy infront of the Master!
    IF the tests have been passed,he or she will have to find it by him/herself.

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:00 pm

    Organization of the Council of Wind

    In order to keep the home of the Council secret,they have divided themselves in squads.
    ALL the leaders of the squad MUST have 5 members avaliable to aid the leader on a fight or for missions.
    Only the Leaders and Masters of the squad can use Vientos.
    A person who wish to join the squad must first pass a test,it's different in all squads.
    They cannot help each other by no means unless Gillian himself requests it.
    If a Leader of a squad dies,the Master must take his place.

    It means strenght,only people who enjoy fighting can join.
    They watch over Burning Steppes.

    It means tranquility,only the most patient members can join.
    They watch over Mulgore.

    It means desesperation,only the ones that can make a soul cry can join.
    They watch over Deadwind Pass OR Duskwood.

    It means intelligence,only the individuals who can plan tactics in battle and have high wisdom can join.
    They watch over Storm Peaks.

    It means insanity,none are available to join to this squad,yet.
    They watch over Felwood OR Silithus.

    There are also two special squads.

    It means resistance,only the ones willing to protect the home of the Council can join.
    They watch over the home of the Council.


    It means envy,only the people who seek the demonic powers can join.
    They watch over Shadowmoon Valley.

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

    Post  Hollow on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:32 pm

    Leader of the Special Division Nº2: Tristeza.

    She may look innocent,small,and powerless,but behind that mask hides a powerful and evil being...

    The Lonely Viento: The One who Cries,Lamento.

    It is said that this Viento cries while it slays the souls of his enemies...

    Leader of the Special Division Nº1: Guardia.
    Jetezo Gieprot.

    The only Horde member in the Council...they often confuse her name...
    Swift and silent on her missions,lazy and funny when she's not doing anything..

    The Romantic Viento (YES): The Couple,Amour.

    A strange couple of dagger that hypnotizes the enemy...sometimes you can hear them chat.

    Leader of the Squad Nº5: Cuerno.
    Duhg Echtar.

    The most powerful (rumours..) of the Five,he seeks for more strenght and defeats everyone in his way.

    Leader of the Squad Nº4: Asta.
    Ish’Zuru Nul’Dieb.

    The only member in the Council that wouldn't fight unless she's forced too,only one member talks to her.

    Leader of the Squad Nº 3: Lagrima.
    Svarog Siel Durchsvank.

    The most serious and sentimental fighter in the whole Council,even if he doesn't shows it.

    Leader of the Squad Nº 2: Veneno.

    The most silent and fearful woman in the whole Council,it is hard to make her mad,but when she is...

    Leader of the Squad Nº 1: Solo.
    Gillian Scholfuhr.

    Leader of the Council,master of the secrets of the wind,he leads the Council with his fists and his mind


    ALL of the council of 5 are FORCED to wear a robe with their shoulders exposed.
    They are NOT permitted to use shoulderpads.
    They must carry their Viento ALL the time.

    Robe of the Five.
    All the robes are different for everyone,but their shoulders are exposed,why is this? when one of the Five runs,his/her shoulders move forth first and his/her legs follows it,this adds more speed and chances to dodge.

    Boots of the Wind.
    Modified boots by expert Gnomes,this boots have two holes,when one stomps heavily on the ground and releases his feet from the ground,a small valve sucks the air of the enviroment,sending it out of the hole wich results in a high boost for a jump.

    Gloves of Lament.
    Only the ones who joined the Special Squad Nº2 are pemitted to use them. This dramatically increases the power of the magic user.

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    Re: Svarog the Hollow.

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