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    Lord Aeagor Blackriver.

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    Standing at an impressive 6ft 4" Aeagor is a well built male, he looks to have been bred for war as his appearance would show so too. Upon looking at Aeagor you'll see a dominant scar on his face, it stretches from the right side of his lip up to the hairline over his right eye looking to have been quite deep and stiched by an amatuer, the right eyeball now replaced with a finely crafted "Glass eye" made from an Orb of Fire he'd retrieved, if you look into his right eye you can see the flame inside the orb roaring or flickering depending on his mood. Whilst seeing Aeagor training you'll see he is a muscularly toned man, versed well in the arts of combat. Many scars scatter his chest the most noticable would be the large scar running from his abbs to his left shoulder which has been covered(Attempted to have been) by a large tribal tattoo spanning fron his left elbow, up his arm to his shoulder and down to where the scar meets his abbs.

    Upon meeting Aeagor;
    You'll see that he is a well disciplined man with a tongue as sharp as eternium. You'll noticed his posture is well trained, back straight, shoulders back head high he is a made of great pride you would persume. He talks with a rather practiced voice with a tinge of common to it. You'll notice when Aeagor isn't working or conversing he is watching his surroundings thouroughly, even whilst talking his eye is darting around the room eyeing everyone, studying them on thier posture, actions ecetera. When first meeting Aeagor you'll notice he'll speak to you as if you're nothing, or not at all just giving off an awkward vibe as he stares you down, he does this as a test of character, so one shoulden't worry too much.

    Backstory; (To be written.)
    "Bathed in blood, Age; 7-8"
    "Hurry up Aeagor!" demanded Stórm as he ran up the hill sprinting with boundless energy toward the fields, Aeagor smaller for his ages lagged behind a little scurring himself along "Wait for me then!". Finally they reached the top of the hill and to the field, the freshly harvest cropped open the doors to an endless playground for the two as they ran around innocently. Stórm lay there, looking into the sun "I wonder what it'd be like to live there?" he asked as he turned looking at Aeagor who slumped himself beside Stórm a grin on his face "I bet all the gods live there, no doubt" they both grinned at each other. Stórm had always looked out for Aeagor, who was picked on for his lack of height, standing infront of him in the face of anyone who attempted to pick on him usually having to fight for him he was one of the best friends somone could ask for he was what kept Aeagor from running away.

    The sunlight began to fade on the fields as Stórm and Aeagor began to walk home, happily chatting away careless of thier surroundings. They decided to take a shortcut through some forests, trapcing through branch filled areas they giggled and laughed to one another until they were confronted by somone who would change the course of Aeagor's life. There stood; Alanthir infuriated with Stórm for defeating Drayzu, his younger brother in a fight days earliar. Large stick in hand he stared at Stórm, "Think you can beat my brother and get away with it do you?!" Stórm stood there frightended, pushing Aeagor back he walked forward gulping loudly, not saying a word just staring back into Alanthir's eyes, a loudly snap echo'd through the forest as the large thick branch connected with Stórm's head, the age difference made Alanthir supieror to Stórm making the blow deadly, Aeagor screamed as Stórm fell dead on the floor, lifeless blood pouring from his mouth and nose, young Aeagor petrified staring at the corpse of his if not only friend.

    Aeagor's screamed stopped, dropping his head he looked at the ground, snarling fiercely the snarls grew into growls which grew louder, the two brothers stood there laughing, Alanthir looking at Aeagor as his next target, He walked toward Aeagor, branch in hand ready to strike. The growing growl turned into a roar as Aeagor lunged himself onto the unexpectant Alanthir, crashing to the floor Aeagor roared, thirsty for blood he began to pummel Alanthir ferociously blow after blow connecting with the now dazed Alanthir. Aeagor threw his head down, sinking his teeth into Alanthir's cheek scream of pain escaped from Alanthir and as Aeagor bite hard into the cheek ripping his head back along with Alanthir's flesh, Aeagor stood, bringing his foot repeatedly down onto Alanthir's head, blow after blow the life seeped out of his victem, blood covered the area, Drayzu cradled himself, crying. Covered in blood he walked over to Drayzu sadist sparkle in his eye Aeagor grabbed Drayzu, taking a small rusted knife out of his shoe Aeagor sunk it into Drayku's kidney repeatedly, laughing as he did Aeagor then placed the blade to Drayzu cheek, pushing it in he ripped a sqaure piece of flesh from his face, revealing Drayzu's gums and teeth, Drayzu squeeled in pure agony as Aeagor let him drop, standing over the corpse of his beloved friend Aeagor said nothing just panting heavily staring at the corpse blood from his hands dripping onto Stórm, Aeagor promised him his effort in protecting Aeagor were over.

    Aeagor pulled Stórm's family hierloom necklace from the corpse placing around his own neck before he picked up the body of his best friend, Aeagor carried the heavy body home without falter, anger and determination destroying any fatigue. (didn't wan't to be too gorey, going to post in stories too.)

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