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    Volsadzdormu, AKA Volstok

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    Chapter one, Early life.
    Volstok's life began differently than the generation before him. He was born several hundred years before current times. Nozdormu was, for the most part, absent, still recoiling from Neltharion's treachery like the other aspects. He and his cluth lacked their aspect, but still had his consorts. Much of his early life, Volstok cannot recall. His biggest memory was the fact that out of 10, he and one other were the only ones to reach maturity. His memories only start to come out of a haze about 80 years before the orcs came to azeroth. At this time, he, with his brother Farvdormu, were keeping watch over the young races. They had watched wars, evolution, and more notably, a certain person that went by the name Aegwynn. The bronze flight, being the only flight not hiding away, had to keep careful watch on her. There were clear reasons for this, but more than them it was personal for Volstok. He had an odd interest in her that bordered on both romantic and unnatural. Around this point is where his memories are blocked, which he had found out afterwords that it was purposeful. There's a good 20 years that he cannot recall no matter what he tries. The first thing he can remember after that is being banished. This consisted of him being restricted to his mortal form, his powers stripped, and teleported to the middle of nowhere, also known as Badlands. He was given nothing but two identical swords, which contained every ounce of his bronze essense and therefore power. However, he is restricted from using said powers, for they would destroy the blades and he would lose them forever.

    Chapter two, Exile.
    In the early years of his exile, Volstok was, for the lack of a better definition, depressed. He wandered hopelessly throughout the Badlands, having no goal or purpose. This was the time Volstok was forced to get accustomed to life without his abilities, his flight, or even the familiar areas he was in. He couldn't even fly. After several years, as he was hunting down some wolves to feed himself, his brother visited him. This was not smart. It was forbidden for any of his flight to come in contact with him. But his brother came anyways, bearing two things. One, a way to use the power contained in his swords, but only a minimal amount. Second, part of the reason he was exiled. Volstok's brother could not get all the information, but he did know that it had to do with Aegwynn. One could only speculate, and neither of them had any idea. The visit was brief, but the knowledge that not everything he knew was lost spurred him on. After the visit, he left the Badlands, and made a pilgrimige to Stormwind. He had heard of the city being built some time before, and having not seen it first-hand, it was a good idea at the time.

    Chapter three, Orcs.
    Volstok was in Stormwind and the surrounding areas for some time. He had learned to use his human form effectively in combat, already having the ability of great charisma and persuasion. He was proficent in hand-to-hand, sword and shield, and two swords. Clearly he favored two swords, those being his weapons. During his time there he met and conversed with many historical figures like King Wrynn, Lothar, Muradin, and even Medivh. The meeting of Medivh was very peculiar. He had visited the tower, using the disguise of courier to young Khadgar to see Medivh. They both knew exactly who the other was at first glance, and took pleasure in knowing the other knew. There was a connection there neither could put their thumb on, but neither had time to look into it. It was a mere week later when the Dark Portal was originally opened. Volstok fought the Orcs like any other human there, and fled just like any other human there. He could not use any of his abilities, regardless of how small they were, from fear of being outcast again. The rest is history.

    Chapter four, Investigation.
    After the war, Volstok disappeared from human society. Through the war, thanks to sheer need, he found out how to use more of his powers. Namely one ability that all mature dragons have; to hide. Volstok could disguise himself much like a magical chameleon, able to fool anything that wasn't of a magical nature or training. This allowed him to do what he wanted to; investigate the orcs. He traveled throughout every bit of land in the eastern kingdoms. However, there weren't many orcs aside from a small patch of them holed up in Blackrock mountain, and Grim Batol. Grim Batol was important to Volstok for one reason; it gave him the chance to interact with other dragons. For the most part, he was disappointed. Many of the red drakes were mindless, unable to answer any question. But it wasn't fruitless. Not only did he get a small amount of insight in orcs culture, he was able to speak with Alexstrasza. -I WILL PUT A SMALL STORY UP FOR THIS-. What Volstok had learned from her was both astounding and startling. As he left, unable to free her, he decided to one day track down Khadgar; he might have further answers for him.

    Chapter five, Continuation.
    Volstok wasn't in the south for when the orcs attacked for a second time, but he had heard word of it. Unfortunately he was too far away to see it first-hand. He did, however, find another group of orcs, in the cold mountains of Alterac. It was a stroke of luck on his part, his original goal was to go to the Alterac capital, upon hearing that it was attacked by black dragons, when he came across a hunting group. His interest in the rumors was erased when he saw that they were much different than the orcs of the war. They were, to save explination, much more intelligent. He followed them back to their village and stayed there, hiding in the hills, for a long time. He had left from time to time, being unable to stay in one spot for too long, but he kept going back. He was never spotted, but there was an old, blind orc who seemed to know something was there. Nothing specific, just there. After a while, he left for good, with more understanding of the orcs than anyone else.

    Chapter six, Re-visit.
    Several years of uneventful wandering after the orcs Volstok once again had an unexpected encounter. He came across his brother once more, but it was vastly different than their first reunion. Coincidentally, it was once again in Badlands, when Volstok was on his way to Stormwind once more. But this time his brother was under attack by a strange stark black with coloring like lightning, a kind he'd never seen before. Leaving thought for later, Volstok immediately jumped in to help his brother, but being restricted to his puny form he wasn't much help against the beheamoth. The fight was short and painful. As Volstok's weak magics and useless physical attacks were knocked aside, his brother was struck down. Stricken with blind rage, he put all of his force into a single blow; which was both good and bad. Not only did it completely eradicate the unknown dragons existence, it obliterated one of his swords, and his brother's corpse.

    Chapter seven, Mourning.
    The loss of his brother was a hard hit for Volstok. He spent years in Badlands and the surrounding areas mourning his brother, and with each day hoping another bronze would come along, wondering what had happened to one of their kin. But after what seemed like an eon, when it seemed like nothing would happen, he was paid a visit. But it wasn't a bronze dragon. It was a strange enigmatic person calling himself Krasus. The meeting was very strange. At one extreme, Krasus seemed to understand Volstok's decisions, even though Vol could not understand them himself. On the other hand, Krasus despised him, being an exile. He told Volstok of what happened at Grim Batol only a few days earlier, the return of the aspects, the retreat of Neltharion, and the wellbeing of them in general. However, as he told Volstok, he came to him on the behest of Nozdormu. His message was short, but spoke volumes; "Volsadzdormu, there is a role for you to play yet. You have not been forgotten." And with that, Krasus was gone.

    Chapter eight, Arthas.
    After the strange visit, Volstok headed north. At first, it was to investigate that clan he had found in the Alterac mountains, but rumors derailed him immediately. He was in Lordaeron when word of the Scourge began to appear, some time after Arthas and a handful of men went north. He followed them as quick as he could manage. As he went north, he was second to come across areas blighted beyond recognition, straggling survivors, and packs of undead. Being an old being of nature, everything about the scourge was a violation. He slaughtered any he came across, and annihilated any traces of them. As he moved on, it seemed as if he were only a few scant days behind Arthas. When he finally came across them, it was when they were under seige by an army of undead that came out of seemingly nowhere. He wanted to jump in like a crazed fanatic, but an itch at the back of his mind told him to do nothing. He did not know why, but he obeyed. He used his magics, now even better, to hide amongst trees, to watch the battle unfold. It was this that started his new purpose; to tail Arthas.

    Chapter nine, Stalker.
    For a long while, the only thing Volstok did was follow Arthas. He was behind the prince every day. Through his journey north, to his smiting of Stratholme, all the way to Northrend. Many times he wanted to do something - anything, but a sense that nerely overpowered him told him to merely watch. Observe. Much like what he did before he was exiled, but this time he was forced to be on the ground. If it weren't for his growing understanding of the allowances and restrictions on his blade, the young talented Jaina would have likely noticed him, but he was beyond her ability at the time. Volstok was there when Arthas tracked down Mal'Ganis, and Volstok was there when he took Frostmourne. It was at that point Volstok should have cut him down, where every thought told him to kill the wayward prince. But instinct told him no. Volstok followed Arthas back to Lordaeron, watched him kill the king, take up the army of undead, and spit on everything he once stood for. Never before had Volstok loathed a being so greatly. As Arthas went back to Northrend to the Frozen Throne, Volstok followed. He finally had to retreat; the powers of both Arthas and Illidan at the time risking discovery. But he never left Northrend. He stayed, assisted stragglers, and eventually settlements, in preperation to attack the new Lich King.

    Chapter ten, The King Falls.
    For many years, while the mortals toiled away in their lands, Volstok was in the cold of Northrend, waiting for assistance, knowing he needed it, and hating himself for the fact. The old dragon ego was getting him; he's a dragon, Arthas was a man, he should have no trouble killing him outright. But Volstok couldn't even get past the legions of undead. When the world finally started to take notice, to take action, Volstok was bordering on raging madness. His saving grace was the Wrymrest temple. Somehow, it had eluded him. He had spent so much time in the settlements in the south, and Icwcrown that he never thought to look around. It was by chance, and thanks to a young foolish drake, that he found it. There was a youngling red that was flying east, and Volstok followed him. The temple, even the sight of it, calmed Volstok greatly. He was greeted by confused and hostile guards, reds, but they backed off immediately to an unheard voice. He met with a group of them on the top of the temple. -I WILL WRITE A SHORT STORY FOR THIS.- After the meeting, Volstok was thinking proper, saving his energy for the time to attack. It was still some time after where the Argent Crusade attacked the Citadel. There were heroes, champions from every race and city, and Volstok. He didn't need to hide his identity here, not completely. The generals knew that he was a dragon in disguise helping them, the underlings knew he was a force to be reckoned with. As Arthas' generals fell, as his legions faltered, Volstok grew more determined; more powerful. As Arthas himself was finally confronted by the best and the strongest, Volstok was there. The battle, however, did not go well. Most, almost all, died. It came down to Tirion, Volstok, and someone he paid no attention to. They would have lost if it weren't for a very simple tactic; Volstok froze time. It was only for less than 5 seconds, but it was enough for Volstok to shove his blade into Arthas' cursed heart.-I WILL WRITE A SHORT STORY FOR THIS.- Tirion stayed, the other left, and Volstok feigned leaving. He stayed, hidden, to watch Tirion.

    Chapter eleven, Now.
    After the battle was over, Volstok again visited the Temple. Compliments were passed, and the truth was hidden. The world could not know that it was an exiled dragon that had slain Arthas, and Nozdormu made sure of it. Volstok was not allowed to be a hero, but it did not matter to him. He was just proud of the fact that he now knew the reason he was exiled, beyond the initial that was told to him, but not revealed that he was told. However, he was not allowed to be a dragon again. It was impossible at the time, they said. Volstok knew better, Nozdormu had further plans for him, and he was glad to comply. He finally left Northrend after this, coming back to Lordaeron. There was still scourge to be gotten rid of, and he was going to play his part.

    [There is much RP that I have left out because it isn't relevant to his backstory.]

    Volstok is best described as a recluse. He doesn't socialize much, and prefers to both be kept alone and to simply get things done. There isn't much that "gets" to him, persay, but as revealed in his backstory, there are things he feels for. Betrayal being a key.

    Volstok gears for practicality. His gear is a mix of leather and plate, many times leather-encased plate of his own design. Even though it doesn't look like much, between the many plates of flexible leather are half-inch thick plates of Titansteel. The hat is purely cosmetic.


    Blades of Grakkarond
    Volstok's swords are special for more than just the fact both contain his bronze essence; they were made from the bones of Grakkarond. Why Volstok got them as his weapons is unclear, but Nozdormu works in very strange ways.

    Special abilites
    Volstok is very good at negating magic. While he can't weild very powerful magic anymore, thanks to his vast knowledge of the arcane, the demonic, and even the druidic, he has ways to simply extinguish magic. He is able to do this at range, though at range he can only negate the effects of magic. With direct contact, he can rob the user completely of their magic ability, no matter how strong.
    Although he is a bronze dragon, he cannot precicely control time. The best he can manage is a very minute slowing of time, to give him an edge in speed, but it's nothing drastic.


    Oh, and if you want the reason for his exile in the first place; you're gonna have to RP it out of me. I guarantee it's interesting.

    If anyone would be willing to help me with a simple image manipulation, I would appreciate it.

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    Dragon RP

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    Belgarath wrote:Dragon RP

    Do Not want.
    No dragons involved. He can't be one anymore, and I have no reason to enter any into my RP.
    It's all backstory.

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