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    What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP))


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    What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP)) Empty What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP))

    Post  Garion on Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:42 am

    Name:Volney DePass
    Age: Appears to be 22.
    Gender: Male
    Werewolf or Vampire: Werewolf.
    Human Appearance: Volney in his human appearance is about 5'11, his tangled sandy blonde hair reaches about halfway down his eyes and naturally curls to the right, his eyes are a peircing blue, he has stocky shoulders, and his muscles are toned, he wears a Navy blue hoodie that is usually pulled over his blue flat billed hat, with a claw insignia on it, his jeens are slim straits that lip over his Turqoiuse and navy shoes, the blue is a nice color to him as it stands out with his dark black skin.((Nike 6.0's basically.))
    Werewolf/Vampire Appearance: His hair is a dark silver color, he stading up is about 8'2" and ripped muscles to the core, he is a beast to the max, but his speed is a hindrance to him, because he is so heavy. His eyes are still blue however making him stand out among other werewolves.
    Specific Powers:(ex. More speed than strength.)
    Likes: Football, he watches the human sport and thinks of trying out at it himself.
    Dislikes:Vampires, Soccer, school, and the color green.
    Short History: Volney was raised among a tribe of werewolves and in every sence of the word is primal when angered, he goes into a blind rage when he is threatened, and because of his size, is used to coming out on top, but isnt stupid enough to not fall back when he needs to.
    Other: Themesong, Till I Collapse, Eminem.
    Volney was in a crouched position, the sirens wailing in the background, spotlights everywhere, he lifted the maimed corpse to his muzzle and began tearing away at the flesh, his long jagged teeth ripped off chunks of the corpse at once, after he had destroyed the body beyond recognition he stood and ripped off the beings head, and then removed a sign from its post, and impaled the head on it, the head of a vampire. Volney ran off with a lumbering gait, his powerful legs and long arms giving him the appearance of a wolf, hence the name Werewolf. His skin shifts and his bones shrink into the appearance of a human being, he walks up to his apartment building and removes a key from his back pocket, he places the key into the knob and turns it to the right, walking into his home...

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    Post  Sinclair on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:10 am

    Name: Archelaus
    Age: Looks in his mid thirties, but is indeed quite ancient.
    Gender: Male.
    Werewolf or Vampire: Vampire.
    Human Appearance: A tall slender man with short silver hair and brown eyes, wears a black leather coat over a regular buisinessman's suit and tie.
    Werewolf/Vampire Appearance: The same body appearance and haircolour, but his eyes gain a slight red tint and he grows long fangs from both of his rows of teeth.
    Specific Powers. Alot faster and agile than the regular vampire, he uses his speed and wits instead of his brute strength to fight. He also carries two small pistols and a larger revolves and always keep bullets made of silver loaded in them.
    Likes: Other vampires who side with him, finesse. The screams and wimps of dying werewolves and of course blood.
    Dislikes: Savage beings without finesse and werewolfes.
    Short History: Not much is known about his past, but he is rumoured to be several hundreds of years old. He was born in France but lacks the accent that you'd expect. He is a highly respected vampire and is well known in their world. He is well known for hunting werewolves whenever he gets the chance and enjoys keeping them for torture.
    Other: He loves to play with simple men and is also a figure in the back of major political feuds. He is very civilized around other vampires but turns into a gruesome murderer whilst amongst enemies of his kin.


    Archelaus was sitting in his large sofa in his apartment on the upper floor of the apartment building, he had opened the window behind the sofa for some clean fresh air to run into the apartment, the apartment was a large apartment of five rooms and a bathroom, it was just temporary until he managed to get something more discrete and with more luxury, he had fed the day before so he had no urges to go out and hunt this night.
    Suddenly he felt the distinct smell of vampire blood, a huge quantity of it too, one of his kin had fallen.
    He will have to assess the situation and to see who the dead vampire was.
    He rushed up from the sofa in the apartment, rushing to the door out into the corridors of the apartment building, running at an impressive speed through the corridor over to a window which he jumped through, crashing the glass and starting his flight over to the other side of the gap between the neighbouring building, he landed with a grunt and then kept running accross the roof. He jumped off that roof and landed on an old brickbuilding at the other side, he sensed that the smell was growing intenser, he was closing the distance. He jumped off the brickbuilding and landed in a small dark backalley between the brickbuilding and another one of the same kind. He looked around himself and then started to walk out of the alley to where the smell was, he turned around the corner, walked for a while on the sidewalk and then stopped. Around the post was a bunch of regular pests, tiny little humans unaware of his prescence. The head of his kin had been impaled on the post and the police was already underway of investigating the crime scene. The police had already started the crime scene investigation, and they were already pulling the ravaged body without its head into a plastic bag. He could see on the nature of the scene that the only possible being that could have done this is a werewolf. Those savages, but Archelaus still didn't know who the vampire in question was, so he remained passsive and waited for more of his kin to arrive, which they probably would.

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    What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP)) Empty Re: What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP))

    Post  Garion on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:15 am

    Welcome to What Happens When Its Dark... a forum RP me and Sinclair will be starting. It is Werewolf vs Vampire themed. You can either be a Werewolf and you will reside in the apartment building with Volney, or you can be a Vampire and reside with Archelaus.

    Here is a bio form you need to fill out before you join.

    Werewolf or Vampire:
    Human Appearance:
    Werewolf/Vampire Appearance:
    Specific Powers:(ex. More speed than strength.)
    Short History:

    List of Characters.

    Volney - Garion - Werewolf.
    Archelaus - Sinclair - Vampire.
    Lanaura - Illiyara - Werewolf.

    Whats Happening - We are developing the plot, waiting for more people to join.

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    Post  Illiyara on Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:08 am

    I take it we just post our form here?

    Name: Lenara Bimey
    Age: roughly 20 in appearance, but she doesn't normally say.
    Gender: Female
    Werewolf or Vampire: Werewolf
    Human Appearance: (Coming soon)
    Werewolf/Vampire Appearance: I did this picture myself ^^ I will do her human form too.
    Specific Powers:(ex. More speed than strength.)Very quick on her feet., thus her lithe form. Lean muscle.
    Likes: Blood, roses, finches and dark clothing, having fun with whatever she does.
    Dislikes: Pink, pretty, prim and proper, teachers, lectures.
    Short History: Born in Britain out in the country, brought to the US and raised with any normal child in school. Her parents hated humans but decided, for her own good, Lenara should be exposed to them, so she wouldn't just end up a feral animal of sorts... Though she managed to come out pretty wild anyways. She left them at the age of 16 and never went through college. She works with a gang sometimes to scrounge up some money.
    Other: She's bullheaded in many situations but a quick thinker and she loves to tustle.

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    What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP)) Empty Re: What Happens When It Gets Dark? ((Forum RP))

    Post  Garion on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:00 am

    (( Accepted. ))

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