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    Guild Rules and How the Guild Works


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    Guild Rules and How the Guild Works

    Post  Nixxiom on Wed Mar 03, 2010 4:38 pm

    Welcome to the Eternal first off. Here I'll be explaining the rules of the Eternal and how the guild works over all. Lets start with the list of rules to follow. These rules apply to EVERYBODY:

    1. First off, keep your mouth shut when saying anything that others may deem offensive.
    2. Absolutely no racism. Not even a racist joke. Period.
    3. No disrespect towards any guild member. I expect you all to be mature and act like adult towards your fellow members. Not freak out on them just because they didn't do something you like.
    4. No spamming anything in Guild Chat. I consider spam 3+ times posting.
    5. There will be no disrespecting other guilds. Even guilds we're enemies with. If you disrespect another guild it's an instant removal from the Eternal. No exceptions.
    6. No sexist remarks. This includes sexual jokes.
    7. Absolutely no discussion of sex or anything relating to sex in the guild chat.
    8. Keep your jokes clean.
    9. All members below the rank of Lord MUST wear our Guild Tabard.
    10. All members Lord+ in rank are to wear the Tabard of the Ebon Blade.
    11. Only if you're in a group that has a specifically worn tabard are you allowed to wear it besides the Void and Ebon Blade Tabard. The Rangers for example wear the Tabard of Thunderbluff, thus all members of the rangers would be in this tabard.
    12. Use your chain of command to settle issues. Don't come crying to me or Rees when a Lord is online to help you.
    13. All members must address the Dark Lord as "Lord" or "Dark Lord." His name is never used.
    14. All members must address those Lord+ in rank as "Lord ______."
    15. All new members MUST take the BRPE.
    16. If you've done the BRPE and create an alt for the guild you're instantly promoted to Shade.

    Now that you know the guild rules lets talk about how the guild works. The Eternal over all is a sandbox guild. What does that mean though? In the past you've probably been in a guild that was themed so that when you achieve certain goals you're promoted to a higher rank. Such as if you're a solider in a guild you're promoted to Sergeant if you show leadership. This however, is not how the Eternal works. Instead when you officially become a member of the guild after the BRPE you're allowed to follow any path you want to walk based on who your character is.
    If you wish to be a demon hunter then feel free. An assassin? Feel free. You'll start as a New Blood though and only be promoted to Shade if you pass the BRPE successfully and we think you understand what we were trying to teach you in the tests. If you decide that you wish to join the Eternal's military though you merely have to speak with your local recruiter (Jaro) and you will be promoted to Soldier. Lords in this guild act as generals in the army and overseers of RP groups. The Dark Council manages the guild and the Dark Lord keeps the guild alive, makes decisions, and over all runs the entire operation. But what are groups exactly?


    Groups within the guild are created by members. For members. Anyone Shade+ in rank is free to create a group such as Crafters, Demon Hunters, Spies, Assassins, ect as long as they're willing to lead one. If you want though you can join somebody elses group. If you are an assassin RPwise it might be a good idea to get with the Assassin group and hang with the other assassins of the Eternal right? But what if there isn't an assassin group? Make one!

    There is only one universal group though. That is the Eternal Military. You can be apart of the Eternal's Military and still be apart of another group as well. But if you'd rather just be a soldier in the army then that's fine as well. Just remember that the groups in the guild are there so you can feel more welcome into the organization of the Eternal.

    In order to create a group simply go onto the "Guild" section of the forums and create a post called: <Estate Name>: <Group Name>. For example, Pyrewood Estate: The Watch. If your group doesn't reside in a specific estate then simply say where they reside instead. The Rangers for example don't reside in any estate so their home is "The Woods." Within the post include what your group is about, who can join, and what to expect. If you wish to join a current group you can make a post under one of the group threads, or contact the person ingame.

    Welcome to the Eternal. Have fun RPing!


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