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    Mirandis, 1st Born Sister

    Post  Mirandis on Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:19 am

    ((I'm bored. And on retail. Dominion needs to patch up. Sad ))

    Name: Mirandis Haley Celines
    Race: Human!
    Occupation: Warrior in The Eternal.
    Family: Several sisters; Chloii, Caitlyn, Videla, Maryse, Selena. Demitri is the only brother she has. And of course... Mum! Dad is... uh... well, he's gone.
    Nicknames: Mira, Haley.

    Not sure there's much to say about my childhood. Out of all my sisters, I was born first, making me the oldest. My brother, Demitri, obviously not one of my sisters, is older than me, however. It was fun in Lakeshire; The Lake being the main source. Yep! Fun. That is until dad left to fight a war or something. Eventually, as we grew up, we all left to pursue our own course in life. Demitri and Videla live the luxurious life of being SI:7 Spies, though they weren't supposed to share that secret with the family. Not very good spies those two. Videla is a strange girl, always playing with her poisons and coming up with new ways to administer to people; probably explains the death of her last two boyfriends. Demitri is self-loving and a racist, but he can be kind-hearted when needed, but that's all I'll say. Maryse and Selena, the only twins in our family, became priests, one of plate armor and one of cloth garb. There's not much of a difference between paladins and priests besides the armor Maryse would say. She's stubborn like that. Selena, however, has learned to deal with her sister's mind set. Chloii, the most independant, bookworm I've ever seen, is forever busy with her studies as a frost and arcane mage. Ever since that accident with the fire, she's never uttered a word of fire magic or touch anything infused with fire runes. She's practically afraid of it! She's recently taken up a blood elf child, Morrissa she calls her. I'm not against it, but Demitri most certainly is. The bastard considered having mum disown poor Chloii. I'll, of course, defend the shy mage. Everyone has a favorite. For me, it'd have to be Caitlyn! The angry, little wench is the second youngest, devoting her life to shadow magic. The unique thing is she does it just to try different things. She has a very short temper when things don't go her way, in which she retaliates with her damned shadow bolts. Oi.

    Me? I'm a warrior. A soldier. Rage all bottled up until unleashed into an unstoppable killing machine! I used my talent for dishing out beatens to become a guard onboard a merchant ship. It was dull... Well, until the ship was attacked by pirates. I chose the smart choice in abadoning ship; Call me a coward, but I wasn't about to take on a dozen pirates on a small ship that was armed with a small repelling force of five guards. You'd think goblins would have hired a larger force to defend their precious merchandise. I fancied the ocean, much like Chloii. The waters just soothe me. Anyway, I was eventually picked up by a passing Alliance Frigate. After that, I pretty much signed up for Stormwind's Navy. Though I hated the fact that the ship I served under never really got into battle. Orcs were invading and I was stuck at sea making sure those greenskinned bastards didn't try to build their own fleet of warships. We failed, of course. As soon as we docked, I rode a horse straight to Lakeshire and immediatly got mum out of there and straight for Ironforge. I always trusted those gates. Made sure my sisters were safe as well. We all got together in Ironforge to hel defend if the Old Horde ever got through. It was the first time in several years all of my sisters and my older brother got together for a common cause. ((2am. X_X Sleepy. Night!))

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