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    Philophilia's Backstory

    Post  Philophilia on Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:48 pm

    When I was a young child my family lived in Stormwind, one of the safest Alliance cities around. My dad worked at the local church providing sacraments to the people and soldiers. I was forced to train in the holy way but, I was a little curious to what other things I could do. I wondered on what I could do and them, then I realized what my dad was hiding things from me. He was hiding what he called "The Dark Arts". I always knew that "Dark Arts" also known as shadow magic could be very helpful to my friends and family even though every one though that it wasn’t a good thing. So I then looked for a teacher. When I found my teacher I was thrilled to learn something new instead of the same old boring holy magic. Right know I am skilled in both holy and shadow magic making me a powerful priest. When I was 21 I was aloud to leave the house and I then joined the arena near Booty Bay I won many times but then I got bored. I then say a flyer about a dark load named Nixxiom who escaped the lich kings wrath and torment. I then decided to find him and join his soldiers ranking so that i could see him. I then found out that i couldn’t leave. I found out that it was not bad and decided to stay and watch.

    (This will be updated when I can. I'm open to criticism.)

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