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    Name: Callypso Blackheart (Cally, formally Adelina Machinia)

    Age: She was 30 when she died

    Class: Deathknight

    Oblivion (Failed Ashbringer Replica)-The more the user uses it, the shorter the life span. In terms of Cally, the weaker she gets but is able to recover if given enough time to rest.
    Oathkeeper (Completed Ashbringer Replica-1/4 of the original Ashbringer's power)-Since Callypso isn't surrounded by the light, this sword drains her energy as well.

    Powers: Ability to control the shadows and ice.

    Chapter 1: Hatred
    Born Adelina Machinia, the middle of 7 children, was the black sheep of the family. She never like her parents. Never really had any friends growing up. She was also getting into a lot of fights, mostly with other boys older than her. Her parents always tried to reason with her but Adelina always rejected them. Blaming them for holding her back. She hated her oldest brother, Samson, because of the things he did. She idolized him in her own way but then soon despised him when he showed favoritism to Waltz, whom she hated as well. Despite her cruelness, she was able to wield the light skillfully. The news of her brother Samson's death didn't that much of an effect on her. She new that it would have happened eventually. In fact, she was happy when he died seeing that it was him she hated the most. Adelina noticed her brother Waltz training in the woods and kept a close eye on him. No one knows why she did, some say it was because she wanted to find flaws in him, others say that deep down she cared about him, even if it was just little bit. On the day of Arthas' betrayal and the invasion of the scourge, she used the little training she had to fight off the scourge while helping her family escape. But it was to much for her and fell unconscious after a brutal assault. She woke only days later, in an abandoned cottage with her mother, sister, and Waltz. Waltz explained to Adelina what had happened. She stayed with the rest of her family for the pass several years, blaming herself for what had happened to her two brothers, usually isolating herself from the others even more. Shorty after Waltz left to enlist in the army, the Knights of the Silver Hand recognized her and pressured her to join the ranks. At the age of 19, she started training with the Silver Hand and occasionally returned home so that she can spend time with her family but on the orders of her master

    Chapter 2: Bloodlust
    Adelina was able to finish her training by the age of 24. Seeing that she had the potential to become even greater, the Silver Hand sent her to meet with some of the member from the Hymn, a secret organization focused on training powerful warriors. But unknown to some, they were also conducting experiments to try and create a new and more powerful Ashbringer. Adelina was there for several years before she was reunited with her brother Waltz. She didn't like the idea of having Waltz joining the Hymn but its members decided to let him seeing that Adelina and Waltz would have some promise. Adelina and Waltz were the strongest of the all the fighters the Hymn had recruit. They were both equals in everything but Adelina didn't want that. She wanted to become stronger than Waltz. The Hymn caught wind of what she wanted and they asked her if that was what she truly wanted. Without hesitation she said yes and was then included in the Rebirth Project.

    Chapter 3: Rebirth
    The Rebirth Project was the production of a new and stronger Ashbringer that only the select knew and took part of. Adelina was one of them. Several years passed and they were finally able to create the new weapon, Oathkeeper. Only the strongest person is able to wield and at that present time, Adelina was finally able to surpass her brother and was granted the right to wield it. She entered the room were it was kept and slowly walked towards what she called "her prize". She grabbed the hilt of the weapon and its energy immediately coursed through her. A small smile escape her face as she held the sword high above her head until the sword's energy started to turn against her and sucking the very life from her. Everything happened in a matter of seconds and the members part of the project look as they saw Adelina fall. Cold and lifeless she laid there, the once powerful Oathkeeper now impaled in the ground next to her. They deemed the sword a failure and buried it along with Adelina's body, and hid the truth behind her death to Waltz. A year passed when the Lich King was decided to make a move at Light Hopes Chapel. He stumbled above a cemetery and decided to raise them as deathknights, Adelina was one of them. Adelina left her old name behind seeing that no one would ever care if she was "alive" and thus took on the name of Callypso Blackheart. She found a sword buried with her and recognized it as the sword that kill her. She grabbed it once more and found out that the sword's power diminished but during the battle at Light Hopes Chapel, she found out that the more power she put into the sword, the stronger it will become but leaving her weak afterwards, thus she renamed it Oblivion. She is now free of the Lich King's control and recently joined the Remnants of Shadows in hopes of becoming stronger so that she can release Oblivions true power.

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