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    Halvin Terrowind


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    Halvin Terrowind

    Post  Kynaria on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:31 am

    Height: 176 Cm
    Weight: 93kg without armor and 115kg with.
    Age: 22.
    Hair color: Brown.
    Eye color: Light-Blue.
    Armor type: Heavy Plate.
    Weapon: Sword & Shield or two swords.
    Personality: Calm, Polite.
    Physique: Well-Built with bulging muscles thanks to his time in Bootcamp and growing up on a farm.
    Halvin was born on a small farm somewhere in Westfall, His father was a simple peasant and his mother was known for her food in all of Westfall. Only one year after Halvin was born his mother got bitten by a rabid coyote and soon enough she got sick. His father went several times to Senitel hill to try and get help for his dying wife, But none came to her rescue.

    At the age of 14 Halvin was a clever boy, Always first to find ore and other valuable items, But even at such a young age he was never selfish so he shared the little of value he found with the others, And because of this he was liked by everyone. Halvin always dreamt about the great heroes in the stories his father used to tell him, Brave Fearless warriors who would sacrifice themselves to save others and how they would stand up for the weak. As he grew older these dreams was always in the back of his head, How he would one day become one of these great, brave warriors.

    One day when Halvin was out working in the field, he heard a scream right over the hill, As he ran to investigate he found a young priestess surrounded by bandits. He knew that if he didn't do something, She would not be returning to her church. With a loud roar he charged at the group of bandits, Unarmed and wearing nothing but a thin shirt he ran fearlessly at the bandits. As one of the bandits spotted him he drew a sword and slowly moved towards him.

    As the bandit approached Halvin, Sword in hand, He ran even faster down the hill and with a clenched fist he used his momentum to knock the bandit out with a single blow to the head. When the other bandits saw what Halvin had done, They turned around and ran. Halvin knelt down and picked up the bandits sword ''Please don't kill me!'' The bandit begged ''Why?'' Halvin snarled at the bandit ''I'll change! I swear i'll change!'', Halvin looked at the bandit and thought about what he had said ''Leave this place, And never come back.'' As Halvin said this he gave the sword back to the bandit, The bandit looked at him with a puzzled look on his face ''I will not forget this...Friend.''

    ''Halvin!'' Quartermaster Brevin shouted ''What is it, Sir?'' Halvin looked down from the massive statue he was sitting on ''You are being shipped out to the Westfall Brigade Encampment, I want you to report to a officer and recive further orders.'' Halvin leapt off the statue's arm and hit the ground with a low Thump ''Anything else before i leave, Brevin?'' Brevin chuckled and grabbed Halvin's arm ''Stay alive, Lad''

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