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    Garion X (Autobiography)


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    Garion X (Autobiography)

    Post  Garion on Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:04 pm

    -Written in neat handwriting- The Autobiography of Garion X.

    Chapter 1. Childhood.

    I remember it it every day, like a sensitive wound, stabbing at me in the back of my mind, I was named Garion X, X, as in wrong, a mistake, from day one thats what I was, a mistake. My father had intercourse with a human, at the time they were friendly Elves and Humans, but intercourse was a no-no. Being the war hero, ego maniac my father was he cast be into a dark nook, in the tall grass beneath a tree of Darnasus, I recall, a infamous rogue, an old Head Assassin for the members of a guild that served the nobles of Darnasus, he saw my father cast me under the tree and hide me beneath the grass, he walked over and lifted me up, and said, "Ande’thoras-ethil," (My your troubles be deminished) he raised me until I was around the twenties in human years.

    Chapter Two. Young Elf, Mature Human...

    As my teacher, and new father passed away, he enlisted me in an never ending battle... Warsong Gulch, he also allowed me to don his armor, and i inherited his weapons of choice. As the young blood of an elf, immature, adrenalin rushed easily acquired, mixed with the semi-mature blood of my human side, it all came out on the battle field. It was my first day, I stood beside a newcomer like myself, a solid dwarf warrior, he weilded the biggest hammer I ever imagined, and was wearing the thickest plate armor I have ever seen, (that includes up to today), He was a welcoming sight, wore the symbol of his house, and many did I and he slay during those months of work, but one day... Valdir, the dwarf, grew weary of the armor and the heavy weight of the hammer, as he and I were on our way back to basecamp, a mage struck him down, I remember the look on his face, a look of horror, it matched the look on his childrens face when I told them, told them how their father was burned to ash right before me, and one thing I didnt tell them, which I have told no one, ever, is... I ran... I could have avenged him, but I ran, the mage pursued, until another human rogue leaped from the shadows of a nearby tree and dagger forward, lunged and sliced open the mage's throat, I later on, was kicked out of the army for a lack of courage, and the fact that I had led the mage into the vicinity of out camp, endangering many others...

    Chapter Three. The Remnant...

    I am not much of a writer, so Im keeping my story short, the Remnant picked me up when I was down, It was not but a couple years ago, when I was traveling through the vast plains of Northrend, from atop a giant mountain I saw a fire, a warm fire, that is when I met Nixxiom, he welcomed me warmly as I tread up the mountain, he said I was just in time for initiation, little did I know, that wasnt the last time I would run up and down that mountain...

    Chapter Four. Moving Up The Ranks.

    This is the final chapter of my life, which is still playing out up to this final page, Im hoping to finish it later, but for now it includes the basics of my life...
    I quickly was noticed, by another rogue Jaro, for my quick wit, and devishly handsome looks, hehe. Well, the group expanded and there was an opening, and little did I know, I had caught the eye of the Dark Lord Nixxiom himself, and I became the second in command, which stands until recently, were I was swapped down to third.

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